After a fulfilling day of splurging on shopping, Sirena Milano and Lena Coxx find comfort in each other's company. However, more than that, they feel a strong urge that sparked between them as they imagined living together without the presence of their husbands and how perfect it would be to fuck each other without hesitation. Unhesitatingly, the two beautiful women give in to the calling of lustful desires and start making out with each other. Savoring the steamy connection, the duo can't keep their hands to themselves. Lena and Sirena start to undress each other, exposing their suckable tits. While the ginger-haired beaut’s slightly saggy tits and taut nipples were on full display and aching for attention, the other had her eyes fixed on her delectable feet. The brunette stunner eagerly unclasped the black heels of her friend to begin worshiping her fanciable feet. Sucking her toes and twirling her tongue between them makes her partner moan in pleasure. As Sirena's French-tipped toenails sheen in spit, she gives her lover's pierced tits attention by kneading them gently. Fully naked and looking ravishing, the redhead babe licks the shaved pussy of her partner before giving her red-polished toes a shrimping. Returning the favor, Lena delivers a sensual pussy-licking action to her girl friend. The combination of shrimping and pussy licking makes Sirena and Lena more fiery and hungry for sex. Turning it up a notch, the redhead vixen gets on her knees in doggystyle, receiving a rimming from her tanned partner. Eager for her turn, the inked lady moans while being pleasured by fingering and shrimping. After that, Sirena thrust her toes inside the clean-shaven pussy of Lena while having her smooth soles licked until he reached her orgasm. Ending the sensual encounter on a good note, the redhead slut rides her lover's face while sucking her toes.

January 10, 2024


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Andrew! Great video. I love girls who orgasm from toes. Drives me crazy and makes me cum so hard! 🤦🏼‍♀️😆 I might need to soundproof my bedroom if you keep these videos coming out. 😂 My husband makes fun of my toe fetish until I use them on him. 😜 Thanks for starting 2024 off right! 😘

Andrew Youngman Moderator



Gotta admit I’m really fond of these new types of close up shots. Great work.


Sirena Milano and Lena Coxx, the close-ups and licking of the toes and soles of this duo were very good. I really liked this lesbian video. It was really good. Is it possible for you to make a video with Andrew Vanna Bardot? She is one of my favorite models. Thank you for the video. The videos shot in 2024 are really good. Have a nice day.


perfect filming


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