What a long day at the office today I couldn’t wait to take a long bath. I was feeling so tense that I couldn’t help but play with myself in the bathtub. Apparently I was so loud that I caught the attention of my step brother. Oops. When I asked him what turns him on most about me he said my sexy feet and long toes. He was so cute I let him suck on them...

March 9, 2018


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Hey there, I'm a recent subscriber and I'd have to say that I'm very impressed. I've been to many foot fetish sites and I'm going to have to say that this one tops them all. Your models are superb, the sexual positions are top notch(especially close ups of the feet when they're getting pounded), and your direction is wonderful. As a lover of women's feet I'm going to have to say that you get it right. If I could suggest anything it would be that it would be amazing to see your models in positions where they're being fucked with their ankles around the guy's neck and the camera is concentrated on her soles. This is my absolute favorite position and I know if I had more scenes like that you would have me for life. Also, it would be absolutely amazing if you could get Doris Ivy(Gina Gerson) on here. Especially if you had her in the before mentioned position. I would loose my mind! Anyway, keep up the good work! So far this is absolutely fantastic!

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Hey there, Thanks for being a member and the kind words about my work! I love Gina Gerson as well! I'll shoot her as soon as I get to Europe. She is probably the first on my own "Euro must shoot list". Have you ever seen Lilu Moon? She is another hot Russian... As far as I know they are roommates:) I'll make sure to have your desired position in some of the upcoming scenes.


Haha, amazing. That would be fantastic! Can't wait! And yes, Love Lilu Moon. Gorgeous feet and an amazing body! Thank you so much and keep up the good work, brother!


By far still the best Video on this site, mostly because you done see the guy right away.


I like the site very much I just wish there was more videos more painted toenails being flexed while giving blowjobs on their knees with the side view so you can see head bobbing up and down with feet and toes in view.. I do have problems downloading to my Android however I do just have a one-month pass thinking about getting a year subscription I do love the close-ups quality is awesome!!! I love the open toe high heels very very sexy on nice toes... Cameraman does a great job!!!! You guys got something here if you keep it up!!!


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