I had a job interview in downtown today. I wore my pink skirt and matching pink top which was super cute but still very professional, and I paired it with some classic black stilettos. I knew that the position was for an executive assistant to the CEO of a jets manufacturing company. The salary they offered was very attractive. So I arrived to a 26th-floor corner office where the secretary introduced me to the CEO, a good looking man in his mid-30s. We had a pleasant conversation so I was pretty confident about getting the job. Right before I was about to leave though he had a pretty weird request. He wanted to see my feet. He said he can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her feet; how well kept they are, is the pedicure fresh, etc. Maybe because I wanted the job, it kind of made sense to me, so I removed my black heels. My feet and my pedicure are always well kept so I proudly put my feet on his table for this perv to examine it. I say perv because it became clear that he is one of those fetish guys who like to smell, lick, and suck on woman's feet, soles, and toes. The whole situation really turned me on and I decided why not secure this position and have fun in the process?! I sat up on his desk, and planted my bare feet on his face. I slowly massaged his face with my smooth feet until I stuck my foot in his mouth. I saw his dick growing in his pants so I pulled his face into my pussy with my feet wrapped around his neck. After he massaged my pussy with his mouth, he went back to playing with my toes. I couldn’t help but masturbate while watching him suck on my toes. It was so intense I came so hard and squirted all over him. He sucked every last drop of cum out of my pussy and took his huge cock out of his pants and stuffed it in my mouth. I gladly gave him the sloppiest of blow jobs and let him bend me over his desk and fuck me until I came all over his office. My hardest orgasm was when he pounded me with his huge cock from atop while sucking on my little toes. At the end he unleashed his load all over my pretty feet. As soon as he was able to catch his breath, he told me I got the job. Yay!

May 24, 2019


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This will probably sound weird to porn fans, but I’m not really a fan of Adriana Chechik, but this video is my favorite from the entire website! The lighting, the angles, and the variety is outstanding! You see multiple shots of every angle of her foot. You see great closeups while a variety of sex “acts” are performed. And, there was ample time for all “acts” (foot licking/sucking, foot f*cking, oral with visible feet, and sex in various positions). This is like the Citizen Kane of foot porn. God, if only we could see some scenes like this with stunners like Jill Kassidy (whose earlier scene was great), Chanel Preston (hottest on the site), Silvia Saige, and Cherie Deville! Great work from all involved (cameraman, editor, lighting, etc.)!

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Hey man, We really appreciate the kind words!


What a great scene Andrew! Especially appreciated the spoon angles I had previously requested and really liked Brad mounting her in the standing doggy position. Please try to get more of that in future shoots. Loved it a lot!


Great scene! Loved how they were both really into it.


Hi Andrew, Another Winner!! Adriana is Amazing (God Those Eyes), Fantastic Feet as well , only wish she had a more vibrant color polish on. I could be wrong but I think this was a scene written for Bill (RIP) as the Interviewer


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