My boyfriend doesn’t want to fuck me anymore because he says my slutty, sexy feet stink! So I called a doctor who makes house calls to see exactly what the problem is... The doctor got on one knee and began to strip off my thigh high boots so he could take a deep whiff of my strongly scented feet. He needed to take a closer look so he began to strip off my rainbow knee-high socks and caressed my legs and feet, sniffing their scent, inhaling the aroma permeating from my sexy little toes and raw, pink soles. I was shocked that he began to seem so intoxicated by the scent of my sexy feet, but when I saw how aroused he was becoming at sniffing my bright yellow painted toes, taking licks and extra sniffs when he could, I couldn’t resist letting him fuck me into oblivion from all angles. He thrust his big cock deep in my pink little asshole as I rubbed my wet pussy, so horny from not getting fucked by my boyfriend for so long. The doctor treated me in every hole, filling me up with his juicy cock, letting the jizz build up along his shaft as I panted and squealed with delight. My sexy, slutty toes got covered with his load and I was feeling like such a dirty slut, I couldn’t resist licking up each little morsel of cum from my sweet little piggies...

January 15, 2021


Comments (42)


Definitely no more of this guy please. This video had a lot of potential would love to see her back


I know you are probably over the negative Steve Holmes comments Andrew, so I won't comment on that. At least it was an anal scene and had the piledriver position in it. Would like to see her back in an anal MFF scene with Adira Allure, that would be one hell of a squirt fest.


She's amazing! I say bring her back as much as you want in the future. I think I recently saw that Kayla Paige and Diamond Foxxx are out of retirement. Any chance a scene with either of them?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

I will look into that


Would love to see a video where the model is getting fucked while sniffing her own feet. Nobody has done that in porn yet and it would be incredibly hot


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