Experience the excitement and delight of having two beautiful hotties willing to show off their sexy feet. Amirah Adara and Missy Luv are here to feed any man's foot fetish fantasy. The sexy blonde Missy looks stunning in a black top with matching red nail polish, while the gorgeous brunette Amirah is an absolute delight for the eyes in a white top with matching orange nail polish. The two naughty hotties are more than ready to showcase their beautiful feet. They first flaunt their smooth soles before showing off the arches of their feet. Amirah and Missy spread their toes to reveal their real beauty. The sight of Amirah and Missy sitting side-by-side on the couch can easily catch the attention of any man. After flaunting their gorgeous feet, Amirah uses her feet to tease her blonde friend. Missy spreads her legs and lets Amirah tickle her shaved pussy while she sucks her own feet. Not wanting to hog the fun, Missy grabs Amirah's feet and licks her arch like it's a tasty treat. She teasingly brushes her tongue against her brunette friend while she enjoys a passionate foot-to-pussy action.  The stunning hotties lie on the couch and let the other give them sensual foot worship. Missy sucks her toes as Amirah enjoys the taste of her right foot while pressing her soles against her pussy. The naughty girls then use each other's feet to tickle their sensitive clit. Their loud moans fill the room as they enjoy the intimate sensation of the other's soles against their pussy. After the joyful foot tease and lesbian action, Amirah and Missy show off their beautiful soles. A beautiful smile paints Amirah's and Missy's faces while flaunting their feet. No man can resist the allure of their sexy feet. The stunning sight of their pink pussies peeking through their thigh gaps sends the scene to another level.

August 29, 2022


Comments (12)


I can't wait for this video I hope the release date is near


Scene will be released on September 13. :-)


Nice one, Amirah is beautiful, you should bring her back for a bg scene


I don't know if it only me but all the JOI videos the picture freeze while the video keep running. it happen only with the JOI videos.

Andrew Youngman Moderator

That's certainly weird. We ran some tests just now on different IPs and everything was fine. Can you please put in a support ticket. Thanks


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