Stroking her legs from the top of her thighs to the bottom of her pink sexy soles, Nelly spent a relaxing evening at home, reading, when suddenly, thunder and lightning struck outside. Worried about her husband, she curled up underneath a blanket to warm herself by the fire, her bare feet and pink soles warming inch by inch. Her beautiful toes curled as the sexy vixen dozed off to the sound of rain, hiding underneath a blanket. While resting, her husband returned to the house to find those sumptuous toes and sweet smelling feet available for him to caress and suck to his liking. Nelly had no idea he was enjoying the delicious spread of toes in his mouth, inhaling the scent of her feet deeply as he smashed those sexy soles firmly into his face, huffing their smell as much as he could while she stayed fast resting. Her juicy pussy must’ve started to get wet as Nelly awoke to find her man rubbing his thick, hard dick in between those sexy soles and high arches. She was ready to take his throbbing cock deep in every hole as she slid her sexy wet feet high up on his shaft, feeling his balls bounce on the heels of her sexy stormy feet...

February 9, 2021


Comments (14)


Well, I can’t say this wasn’t worth the wait. Nelly, Thomas, the camera crew... simply incredible from head to, FEET!


Great scene Andrew, only thing that I would comment on is that the images at times showed better views of her soles right up in front of the camera than in the video, also the footjob after the cowgirl is non existent, these shots are a must and unfortunately they weren't in there.

Andrew Youngman Moderator

We'll pay attention on these in the future.


I wish she spread her toes at the end. I think these guys don’t understand how good the cumshot at the end is because they’re so used to doing this they don’t appreciate it as much as the viewers. Anyways good video overall


Good scene. But it would have been awesome if she finished him off with her toes. Seems like he enjoyed having her toes rubbed against his dick and the tip. Must had been a great sensation and feeling.


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