Out of options to pay their rent and pushed by desperation, Danielle Renae and her husband put everything at stake, even if it meant using the blonde woman’s allure. While preparing their plan, the busty lady receives a call from her other half, checking on her one last time and that everything will be fine. As Danielle opens the door for the landowner, Rob Piper, she’s visibly nervous about bringing up the proposal. Upon explaining the tragic situation to the handsome Ebony and offering a sensual way of paying rent, he takes time to think it through, but the sight of Danielle’s feet eventually persuades him in the end. The blonde chick with big tits willingly put her tattooed feet on top of the landlord, giving him access to sniff and subtly lick it. After taking the heels off, Danielle’s partner sensually worships her clean feet, swirling his tongue all over her tempting toes. As the horny lady’s pink-colored toes glisten in Rob’s spit, the curvy bombshell can’t help but softly moan. Returning the favor to the landowner, Danielle eagerly sandwiches his big black cock between her soles for a footjob. The foreplay continues as the buxom blonde delivers a sloppy blowjob, a face-fuck, and a deepthroat. After the duo are both fully warmed up with their steamy foreplays, Danielle Renae positions herself on top of her lover, enjoying his massive dick in cowgirl. The fuckable babe’s shaved pussy stretches to accommodate her Ebony lover fully. Rob pours another generous amount of lubricant all over his cock and Danielle’s dainty feet. Switching to doggystyle, the fake-breasted blonde’s big ass gets slapped while getting railed. The hardcore and passionate sex proceeds in missionary, spooning, reverse cowgirl while slipping a little pussy-licking action, footjob, and foot worship. Danielle Renae relentlessly gets fucked until her pretty feet get coated with a generous amount of jizz.

June 8, 2024


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Jax is the man! Would love to see a cuckolding MMF scene with Jax and a white guy...


More POV please


Danielle Renae is a perfect milf model, her feet and soles are extraordinary and it was really good to get them wet and fuck, excellent video, I liked it very much man @andrew youngman good day

Andrew Youngman Moderator



Love her red soles and toes along with the pink nails. Rob was making some sweet mouth love to those beautiful feet. There was no acting in that man’s enjoyment there! I only made it 33 minutes in but was hoping Danielle Renee was going to get eaten out though! Either way, I really enjoyed this scene and was watching that countdown like a hawk after hearing her dirty talk in her JOI!


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