Besties Anya Olsen and Chloe Temple chat about their boyfriends while drinking wine outdoors by the pool. The dark blonde laments the fact that her lover is not living up to her expectations while complimenting how lucky the other is with Milan. They gossip more, divulging details about their sex lives and bringing up the topic of the intimate activities they used to share between them. Anya and Chloe share a love for feet, so they remove their shoes and begin worshiping each other's dainty pair. Inside, Milan arrives and catches the gal pals in the middle of their playful activity, turned on, and takes out his hardening cock while watching on. Chloe catches her boyfriend and hatches a naughty idea, pulling her best friend into the house with a devious smile on her lips. The two slender babes join Milan on the living room couch, taking turns giving him a blowjob and footjob while sucking on pedicured toes. After all three of them strip off their clothes, Chloe rides her boyfriend's hard cock in cowgirl, then lets Anya bounce on it in reverse cowgirl. The bearded hunk alternately sucks on their toes while watching as the two babes finger each other's shaved and trimmed pussies. In doggystyle, Milan takes turns fucking Anya and Chloe before letting them give him a rimming and footjob. The tattooed babe with small tits mounts the hard dick in cowgirl as the other continues rimming their lover and sucking on her long toes. Anya lies back and enjoys her best friend's boyfriend's attention in missionary, then watches the other two fuck in the same position. The feet enthusiastic babes continue to suck on their own and each other's feet, even giving Milan a footjob when he's not busy facefucking them. Knowing how close their hunky partner is to cumming, Anya and Chloe use their soft soles to rub along his shaft until he cums all over them.

September 23, 2023


Comments (21)


In wanting to give constructive criticism, I tend to forget to tell you when it's good. In this case it's very good, really very good. I really liked the ending. I would have loved to see scenes like this with some of my favorite models, instead of just G/G scenes, especially if they don't return. 👀 Let's move on, we only said compliments this time! Keep providing us with such content! 😁


Anya Olsen needs a video where someone cums finally on her beautiful soles.. I’m waiting for years for a video like that..


Andrew, pls do a Chloe cum on soles tape 🥹


Wow. What an explosive footjob ending (literally). Chloe's toes sensually rubbing the tip must had driven Milan crazy for him to erupt! Dude really loves toes. 10/10. Andrew, are we expecting more endings like this!?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Yepp 😊


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