Two hot young teens get home to what looks like a palace to Jamie as Jessie struts upstairs to show off to her brand new bedroom. The girls giddily dance around and twirl their sexy feet, covered in strappy black heels and high black boots, checking out the crazy beautiful bath tub with a fireplace behind it. “You’ve haven’t told anyone about us?” Jamie asks her secret lesbian teen foot crush as they start to make out in the bathroom, getting ready to go into the tub together and soak those sexy feet for each other’s sensual erotic pleasure. Caressing each other’s nubile titties by the tub, giving a sloppy, slutty lick of the tongue as they caress their soft young bodies, Jamie begins to worship Jessie from the bottom of her feet, stripping off her sexy white schoolgirl thigh highs. Licking her perfectly painted cherry red toes, sucking each toe as she puts it into her mouth, feeling the edges of her tongue touch each little nub of her toe, Jamie gets wetter and wetter in anticipation. After some more sole licking and toe sucking, it’s Jamie’s turn to get secretly worshipped as she rubs her feet in Jessie’s face, inhaling the scent of her sexy socks and yummy heels. Pussy licking goes both ways for these girls as they take turns pleasuring each other with their sexy lesbian tongues and bright pink vibrators. Jessie takes Jamie’s entire foot into her mouth as she rubs her pussy mound with her other horny foot. Taking it to the next level, the girls begin to gag on each others’ feet, foot gagging and sucking on those sumptuous toes before they both get to climax with their pretty little teen pussies all over the tub…

May 8, 2021


Comments (34)


Awesome! More lesbian scenes please!


Finally some self toe sucking together with two girls. Need more videos with more of that content. Pretty great video all in all. More girls sharing the same toes together!


Solid video. Jesse Saint is super hot. Request - more yoga and toe rings!


Another lesbian... second in short time. And on a friday to, which is for me highlight of week because of this site. But these on middle of the week or not at all :P. Blake Blossom will be fire, next week, Hope is not with jake adams.


What a great scene, Jamie looks like she's indulged in foot fetish before, hope she comes back for more girl girl shoots


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