Shopping online can be quite bothersome because one can't know if the real product's color, design, and size will fit them well. Octavia Red is scrolling through her phone and choosing some shoes. The blonde babe in a grey top and black skirt stumbles upon cute pink heels that seem familiar before remembering her roommate Freya Parker having the exact same pair and going looking for them. The tattooed beauty tries the footwear on and likes how it fits her. Freya walks into the room as the other lady is admiring the heels on her feet. Octavia quickly apologizes to her brunette friend, explaining that she just wants to know if the pair will look good on her.

Freya is only upset because the shoes are new and she hasn't had the chance to use them yet. But seeing how her heels look perfect on Octavia makes her forgive her roommate’s actions. The brunette lady continues to admire the blonde babe's feet, which are decorated with red nail polish, even after taking her shoes back. Freya admits that she has a thing for feet. Surprisingly, Octavia says it's the same for her. Hearing this, Freya also shows off her feet, while wearing an anklet, and her toenails are painted in the same shade as Octavia's.

The beauties rub their feet together before making out. Freya and Octavia slowly strip and tease each other, setting the mood and setting the passionate fire inside of one another. Exposing their pairs of big and natural tits gives both women more excitement, driving them to let lust take over. Freya uses her toe to fondle Octavia's clit. In return, the blonde hottie moves to lick her roommate's hairy pussy before shrimping her toes. The brunette babe also proceeds to do the same for the other lady. The hotties with foot fetishes take turns licking each other's holes until they tremble from the intense orgasm.

June 26, 2024


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Freya Parker & Octavia Red her red nails look very sexy her feet are really perfect and this lesbian video was very good I hope you will make this duo threesome or foursome video my man @andrew youngman and LHF Team have a good day


I resubbed for this one 💣


Gosh I love Freya! She's perfect on this site!! Yo, imagine a boy/girl/girl with this pairing 💯💯


Andrew!!! O. M. G. I can barely type right now because I came so much. Double red makes me double dead. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 This video has everything a lady with a huge foot fetish needs. Good god. 😆

Andrew Youngman Moderator



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