I live in a rented house with a handful of roommates. Rion is the cutest. One day, Rion and I were home alone. He was sitting on the living room couch so I walked up, sat on the opposite end, and put my long legs and beautiful feet up criss-crossed. I noticed him shyly staring at my feet. All of a sudden, he started getting a boner; although he desperately tried to hide it. I got intrigued and felt like having some fun so I suggested we play truth or dare. After a volley of truths and no dares, I admitted that I have a slight crush on him. Then again, it was my turn. He said truth again. Since I admitted to having a crush on him, I decided to take it one step further...and started rubbing his crotch with my feet. "Tell me the truth, do you have a foot fetish?" He started to blush and stutter. Then the volley of dares began. After he basically dared me to undress all my clothes, I dared him to lick my feet. And he got them soaking wet. Of course, that had to be followed by a foot job dare. I jerked his cock so good with my feet soaking in his saliva. It was so hot that I forgot all about the game and needed him to fuck me right then. I came so hard and he came all over my beautiful feet. His cum tastes good too.

December 28, 2018


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Another Amazing Scene Andrew, Mazzy has got her a new fan! Tall ,Trim, Leggy Blonde with long thin Feet and long lick able Toes! Reminds me of Kenna James, but not quite her, Kenna James soon Please


Pls get her back here. Those feet are great


OMG the pov scene at 32:33 is perfect, it's one of the best scenes ever. Please make all the videos in POV, that would be amazing! Currently I am not renewing my account because you only do side shots and in perspectives where you always see the man. POV scenes are very rare. He would like it first person video! I don't like seeing the man at all. Your videos would be amazing and I think a lot of people think like me. With "SheLovesBlack" you are doing an amazing job, exclusively POV scenes with feet in the foreground, it's great ... too bad I don't like BBC. PLEASE MAKE POV!

Andrew Youngman Moderator



This is so perfect


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