Sultry vixen Savvy Suxx decides to visit Millie Morgan's new house. The hot blonde babe wearing an emerald green skimpy dress shows off the aesthetic of the house, while the dark blond gal wearing a yellow top and white A-line skirt looks around. Millie enthusiastically invites Savvy to go upstairs to show her the bathroom. Before they go up, the two bombshells remove their strappy high heels, revealing clean feet and sexy ankles. Walking up the stairs, their soles step on the cold concrete floor. Their round and delectable asses under the clothing they are wearing stick out as they walk upstairs. Millie happily shows her marbled-tile bathroom as Savvy leans on the bathroom counter while putting her foot up on a black circle chair. The shorter blonde hottie starts to caress her dirty foot, admiring her French-pedicured toes. With their lust beginning to grow within their bodies, the two sultry divas indulge in an erotic makeout session. Seeing their alluring bare feet makes them horny and wet. They can't resist having their mouth suck on each other's toes, ankles, and soles any longer. After their sensual kissing, Savvy licks Millie's wet hairy pussy before stimulating her aching clit while sucking on delicate toes. The thinner blonde does not hold back from tasting Savvy's delicious body. So, she makes the taller babe sit on top of the bathroom counter before slithering her tongue against the other’s wet folds and toes. Moving towards the bedroom, they strip off their clothes before they engage in a sensual scissoring. While doing so, the two feet-goddesses continue to suck on each other's arousing feet. Their saliva lubricates their toes as they sloppily suck on them. The lovers continue to satisfy each other with feet-licking, toe-sucking, and pussy-licking, feeding their hungry and horny bodies by eating each other out.

April 17, 2024


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Savvy worshipped her perfectly


Millie Morgan & Savvy Suxx are very sexy, their feet are very good, Savvy Suxx is a perfect model, I would love to see her boy girl or threesome scene, this couple scene may be the best lesbian candidate scene of this year, thank you for the video @andrew youngman good day man


Fucking amazing scene. Perfect feet from both, but savvy is one of my favorites. Her feet are amazing and she is so sexy and talented. I hope you all bring her back as much as you bring back the sexy Lexi Luna


Incredible, outstanding scene bring ‘em both back sheesh add a third woman , amazing filming

Andrew Youngman Moderator



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