I came home from class wanting to take a nice hot shower but it was broken so I went to take one in my mom's bathroom. While having fun with myself in the bathtub, my mom's boyfriend, Bill, came home. He heard the water running and naturally he thought it would be my mom. Acting on his naughty thoughts, he took his clothes off and entered the bathroom with a raging boner. So it was a big surprise when he found me there. He apologized and was about to leave but I made him stay. I got an appetite for that big dick. Since I was in the tub, I could only reach him with my feet. I saw him getting aroused by that. He stepped back and once in perfect reach, I started to spank his cock with my sexy feet. He kept getting harder and harder. I told him to put his cock on the edge of the tub so I can step on it and smash it with my soles. He pulled me out of the tub and bent me over to fuck me right there in the bathroom. It was so intense I came so many times when he sucked on my toes while fucking my tight little pussy. At the end he came all over my blue polished toes. Hope my mom never finds it

March 29, 2019


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Just learned that Bill passed away recently. Bummer! He was such a boss and always got down with the finest chicks with the finest feet. He was one of the best foot fetish performers no doubt.


Hi Andrew, Another Winner!!! Bill LEGENDARY! Lola I Love Redheads (though from carpet not matching Drapes not a natural one), too Petite for My taste, not a fan of her upper torso art , including Hearts around her areola's, BUT PURE FEET PERFECTION!!! THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! The Squirting was a Plus! Keep up the Great Work, & Kenna James Soon Please


Andrew - great work. Awful about bill - your write up made him seem like a fantastic person. A real loss. Have you ever looked into Samantha Hayes as a performer? Love the site. Keep it up!


Great choice in models! Hott scenes. Is there any way we might be able to see Jade Jantzen on here? She has some of the prettiest feetI have ever seen.

Andrew Youngman Moderator

I'll see if I can find her.


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