Anyone would take the risk and find a way to relieve the unquenched thirst when longing for someone’s presence. Talia Mint called her lover, Dorothy Black, to immediately come over, as she missed her like crazy. In their matching sheer fitted dresses, the lovers hungrily make out, showing their intense eagerness to feel their love and passion. With hands roaming around their bodies, tongues battling in sync, and bodies beginning to heat, Talia and Dorothy take their time to savor the moment. Catching their breath for a moment, they anticipate an upcoming hardcore sex. Both of them admire their classic black strappy heels, bewitched by their temptingly delicate feet. Talia removes her lover's heels and proceeds to give her red nail-polished digits a passionate lick, sucking each toe out all the way to her smooth soles while her partner lays on the white couch. Dorothy enjoys the much-awaited foot worship and shrimping given by her hot brunette lover. Unable to contain their lust, they strip naked, exposing their luscious bodies and big tits. To return the favor, Dorothy gives the same sensual shrimping to her lover's pink pedicured toenails. After that sensuous foot worship, the busty goddess diverts her attention to her partner's pussy. She licks her pussy, uses her feet to knead her tits, and sucks it even more. While her lover maintains her eager pussy-licking action, Talia self-sucks her toes. To return the favor, the small-tit babe gives Dorothy's pierced pussy a lick, granting the same action towards her delicate feet. She didn't stop playing with the lips of the buxom's pussy until she cums. After that, the tanned beauty positions herself in doggystyle, letting her hard sole enjoy the warmth of Talia's mouth while her pussy gets fingered. To turn it up a notch, the small tit babe gives her lover's strap-on a foot job before inserting it inside her pussy. Dorothy continues to fuck Talia's pussy until she reaches her orgasm, ending their steamy reunion with a warm kiss.

December 13, 2023


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as i have fetish of lesbian scissoring too.. for loveherfeet members as me its Cherry on the cake ^_^ we want new site called shelovestribbing

Andrew Youngman Moderator



Talía is a really beautiful and sexy woman and her feet are awesome.


Dorothy Black and talia mint have very sexy feet, their lesbian videos are starting to be really beautiful. I like strap-on scenes more. If you can shoot a little longer strap-on scenes in the new videos, it would be very nice with foot fetish. Thank you for the video @andrew youngman, have a good day, happy new year.


I gotta say, I’ve been pretty unimpressed by most of the latest GG scenes. The last good one was a while ago. I don’t believe any of these scenes. It feels like poorly written concepts with sadly worse execution. The EU girls specifically are phoning it in. I understand it’s a second language but it’s so phoned in. LHF needs to invest in better performance. How am I supposed to enjoy this when I feel everyone involved is just here for a check.


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