Venera Maxima waits for her husband to come home, hoping to engage in some rough pussy licking and pounding, but Thomas Stone turns it down due to some business demands he needs to tend to. The blonde goddess frowns and is left with no choice but to please her pussy alone on the kitchen counter. As her lustful desires continue to bug her, she lifts up her long white skirt, revealing her red lingerie that looks ravishing against her gorgeous body. After that, Venera sits on the countertop while massaging her pussy gently, imagining her husband is doing it for her. She removes her clear-beige heels to make her feet comfortable and proceeds to give her throbbing clit attention. As she sends herself on cloud nine, anticipating an orgasm, her phone begins to ring. Venera receives a call from Thomas and demands for him to come home. As she awaits his arrival, the naughty babe sticks a clear dildo inside her shaved pussy to get it ready for action. Arriving home at the sight of his wife pleasing her pussy, Thomas immediately makes out with her and proceeds to suck and kiss her tits down to her sexy delicate stocking-covered feet. After giving a subtle foot worship, the hunk’s attention diverts to her pussy, licking it sensually while thrusting a toy into her tight asshole before returning to give another shrimping. Venera lifts her leg a bit as Thomas licks her toes along with the toe ring, while the buttplug is still in her ass. The alluring babe returns the favor by giving his cock a footjob. Unable to contain their lust, Thomas removes the dildo from her ass and proceeds to pound her ass in missionary. The duo moves into the living room, where they have ample space to engage in wild sex that’ll certainly turn their night into a good one. The hunk comfortably lies on the floor while Venera gives him another sensual footjob. They turn things hotter as the blonde slut rides his cock with her ass in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, spoons, and doggystyle. As they continue fucking each other with vigor, the duo decides to take a break with another round of footjob. Venera and Thomas return to hardcore fucking and don't hold back until the stud pulls out, strokes his cock, and spurts a good amount of cum all over the soles of her feet.

November 8, 2023


Comments (10)


She needs a pedicure and dude needs some socks.


Loved the anal. Would have really liked her to self suck whilst taking it in the ass though!


Venera is a 10/10 model but Thomas Stone is probably the worst actor of this site


Venera Maxima has really sexy feet, I like her, her feet are very beautiful and fascinating, hey Andrew, can you bring Zlata Shine to this site, she is also a model with very sexy feet, thank you for the video, have a good day


Amazing model, not big fan of only anal, mix it rather. More focus on anal then feet. Have Destiny Mira on the radar mate and smantha cruz in a BG. More ebony Is audrey bitoni impossible to get back here?


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