With nothing much to do while alone at home, Candee Licious admires her freshly pedicured feet while longing for the attention of her lover, whom she ends up calling. When a knock on the door grabs her attention, the blonde babe is utterly delighted to find her girlfriend, Angelika Heart, and gives her a quick kiss. The sound of their heels is quick and excited as they go inside and don't beat around the bush, dropping kisses on each other's lips before settling down on the couch. Angelika makes quick work of removing her girlfriend's shoes, lifts up her feet, and proceeds to sensually rub them against her face before sucking on the pedicured toes and licking the soles. Candee can't help but moan as she rubs her shaved pussy while watching the gorgeous brunette worship every inch of her feet. Wanting to reciprocate, she sensually runs her tongue against the pink nail-polished toes of her partner before shrimping them and stripping off their clothes. Naked and needy, Angelika is treated to the sight of her sweetheart with small tits licking her shaved pussy and feet. The busty vixen eagerly reciprocates the gesture, making sure to let her girlfriend know how much she desires them licking and sucking their glittery pedicured toes and wet pussy. The two horny ladies take turns pleasuring each other with oral sex and feet worshipping on the couch. Candee even sits on Angelika's face as she gets eaten out and sucks on delicious toes. They switch places, filling up the room with their wanton moans and showing their love and longing for each other through sensual acts. After laying on opposite ends of the couch, Candee and Angelika penetrate and rub each other's shaved pussies until they both reach orgasm, ending their reunion on a satisfied note and with a sweet kiss.

March 20, 2024


Comments (11)


Yes... More sole worship! 24:00-25:30 is absolute gold


You better get a hold of Raina Rae. She’s new and is amazing.


Candee and Angelika have perfect feet, the scene of worshiping and licking the feet and soles of the models was very good man @andrew youngman, is there a chance we can bring Tanya Tate and Texas Patti models here as well, thank you for Candee and Angelika, have a good day


I’m dead. 🤦🏼‍♀️ The ending mad me orgasm so hard. 🤷‍♀️😆 Amazing scene! 😘


Love the close ups of the toes sucking. You need to do that more often. Great foot fucking ending!


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