Being with someone not in the same fetish is hard and can be a bit frustrating. Nikky Thorne wants her man to share her foot fetish, but he thinks it's weird. Luckily for the beautiful blonde, her friend Kiara Lord also loves admiring and fantasizing about feet. Nikky and Kiara plan to make Nikky's man fall in love with their fetish. The naughty MILFs feel horny while talking about their plan. Unable to control their lust any longer, Nikky and Kiara make out with each other. Kiara takes off her floral blouse to reveal her massive titties. Nikky showers her friend's body with kisses before worshiping her feet. She takes off Kiara's open-toe high heels and licks her dirty soles. Kiara's red toenail polish perfectly matches her pale feet, making them look more beautiful and appetizing. Not wanting to let Nikki do all the work, Kiara also starts worshiping her feet. The horny besties excitedly take off their clothes before continuing their intense lesbian foot fetish action on the couch. Nikky bends over on the couch and lets Kiara shove her big toe into her pussy. Kiara sucks Nikky's pink-colored toes while sliding her toe in and out of the blonde slut's pussy. The gorgeous hottie does the same thing to her redhead friend. The horny hotties scissor each other while keeping up with the simultaneous foot worship. Moans of pleasure fill the room as Nikky and Kiara take turns eating each other's pussy. Nikky excitedly wears a strap-on and lets Kiara give the toy a footjob. She then fucks the beautiful busty redhead in doggystyle. Nikky and Kiara grind their pussies against each other while sucking the feet of the other. They continue with the pleasing lesbian adventure until they experience the orgasm they deserve. The naughty sluts sit on the couch. They raise their legs in the air to show off the full beauty of their beautiful feet.

October 12, 2022


Comments (13)


This should have been FFM with anal.


I love Nikky Thorne, and Kiara Lord is a great pairing for her. This is an awesome video. I know some guys complain about lesbian scenes, but to me four feet are better than two. I also love watching the strap on action. That should be a must for all G/G scenes.


Ummmm is it weird that I set my apple alarm so I could watch this when it came out. 😆 O. M. G. Toes. Having an anticipated orgasm is so wonderful… so were the other ones. 💁🏼‍♀️😆


Malena nazionale pleaseeeee


Lesbian always better then 1vs1 with a man


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