Maddy May and Kenna James are roommates and best friends. They both rent a room at Jake's house. Kenna is up to date with payments but Maddy is already two months behind and her financial future doesn't look too bright at the moment. When Jake comes to the house to collect the rent Maddy needs to apologize again but before she could start with her excuse Jake cuts her off and tells her that he needs the money otherwise she needs to move out. He gave it to her till 3pm the next day. The two girls know Maddy needs to come up with a creative idea otherwise she'll be out of the house in no time. So when Jake shows up the next day finds the two girls making out by the pool. He was ready to kick her out but when he sees these two super hot babes fondling and kissing each other he stops in his tracks and seemingly reconsiders the situation. The girls notice his presence and put on a little show for him. He clearly enjoys when these hotties kiss and sucking each other's lips and when Kenna lifts her legs to put her sexy feet into Maddy's mouth to lick and suck on, it clearly hits Jake's soft spot. When he gets close enough to the pool Maddy invites him in to join the party. He sits on the tanning bed and the two hot sluts start to play with him. Maddy puts her hot feet over his face while Kenna is massaging his crotch with her long toes and soft soles. Maddy makes him suck on Kenna's toes and leans in to make out with him at the same time. Then she takes out his throbbing cock and sucks it to make it wet for Kenna's slutty footjob. Then Maddy lays down as well and sucks it some more before she puts her feet on it to give him a double footjob and handjob combo. They tease him with their feet until he can't resist and slides his big cock into Maddy's pussy. Kenna puts one foot into Maddy's mouth and another one into Jake's. Then he fucks Kenna from behind while worshiping Maddy's feet and toes, licking her soft soles and sexy arches. The two girls are riding his fat cock with soles up back and forth licking each other's wrinkled soles and sexy toes. After many orgasms these hot vixens want him to come all over their feet. Maddy wants to taste it too so she lays down while Kenna is tapping her pretty face with her feet and Jake comes all over them. His warm cum is dripping from Kenna's long toes onto Maddy's pretty face and into her mouth. Then the two make out with his cum on feet , eating it off and cumswapping back and forth into their mouths. Jake is lying there satisfied and when Maddy asks for another break with the rent he is gladly giving it to her.

October 9, 2021


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I like the feet great job with both models well done Andrew congrats rip jake wish you could do more threesomes please thanks


You are really worth a subscription :)


This scene was absolutely incredible, probably one of my top 10 scenes, that I've seen in a long while, And their feet absolutely gorgeous, I feel like those two ladies Deserve a scene With just the two of them.

Andrew Youngman Moderator



Wow!!!!!! I hope you never stop doing the site! Actually, I wish I you were you!!!!!


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