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The Motivator

Jill Kassidy , Jake Adams

Tags: Babe, Blue nail polish, Brunettes, footjob, Pink nail polish

It's finals week at my college and I've been studying for exams for the past few weeks. The other night while studying at home, I was laying on my belly with my legs up reading a book and working on my laptop. My boyfriend, Jake, wouldn't stop bothering me trying to have sex. I was too concentrated on studying to care. But he just wouldn't let up. He even pulled his cock out trying to convince me but it didn't break my focus. He started to kiss my feet and asked if he can use my feet to jerk his cock. Why not? I thought. I don't need my feet to study. He started to stroke his hard dick in between my soft arches. I was still trying to focus on studying but it was getting more difficult. Soon he started licking my long toes and putting them in his mouth. The tingle from the tickle was getting me wet. So I turned over so he can fuck my pussy while still sucking on my perfectly pedicured toes. I came enough times to release the stress from studying. He came all over my toes and feet. And, I got an A on my exam!

Average Rating: 4.6/5.0
  • Release: February 1, 2019
  • Length: 46:41
  • Photos: 158
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