Words are not necessarily needed to convey one's desires. This is especially true for naughty ladies like Simon Kitty and Jennifer Mendez. Simon is alone in the living room, wearing only her pink lingerie. The beauty is slowly rubbing her feet together. She also plays with her lovely feet with her hands, sliding her fingers between her white nail-polished toes. Feeling that it's not enough, the naughty babe decides to suck on her toes while playing with her clit. While the raven-haired beauty is pleasing herself, Jennifer walks in in her flower-printed crop top, denim shorts, and heels. The tattooed brunette catches Simon masturbating and decides to help her out. Without uttering a word to each other, the two lovely ladies with big tits start making out. Jennifer initiates by shrimping Simon's sexy toes and licking her soles. Simon makes sure to please the other party as well, so she kneads the tattooed beauty's massive breasts with her feet. However, since Jennifer is just getting started, she spreads her partner's sexy legs and licks her shaved pussy. The brunette babe's slick tongue makes Simon moan in delight. Jennifer then goes back to sucking Simon's toes while she fingers and rubs her clit. Simon takes her turn by licking Jennifer's soles. Following that, she shrimps the other lady's toes before proceeding to lick her pussy. She pretty much imitates everything that the inked hottie does for her. Jennifer similarly plays with her clit while Simon busies herself with her toes. The dark-haired diva makes a bolder move by using her feet to rub the other gal's trimmed pussy. Of course, the tattooed brunette does not miss the chance to play, grabbing her lover’s free feet and using her mouth. After that, Simon bends over and masturbates while letting Jennifer give attention to her toes once again. The two horny beauties repeat these actions but make sure to switch roles. Finally, they shrimp each other's sexy toes while scissoring until they both reach orgasm.

November 15, 2023


Comments (5)


Omg Andrew. Didn’t take long today! Simon’s toes are amazing. I can’t believe how fast I came. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

Andrew Youngman Moderator



Mainly here for the GG scenes and have yet to be disappointed, the self worship is always a bonus in these scenes


Simon Kitty and Jennifer Mendez really have extraordinary feet and this lesbian foot fetish video was very nice. It's great that you brought Simony Kitty. Shoot them in a threesome or boy girl scene. Jennifer Mendez's feet are amazing. I think you can make a threesome video with her too. Thank you for the video @andrew youngman. have a good day.


OMG Andrew you gotta bring Simon Kitty back 25 minutes of the self footworship again the production the music , close up phenomenal


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