Two is always better than one. Why satisfy yourself by watching one woman if you can enjoy admiring two sluts simultaneously? Octavia Red and Erin Everheart are ready to fulfill the foot fetish fantasies of any man. The captivating slender hotties sit on the bed wearing sexy lingerie. Octavia looks hot and irresistible in purple lingerie, while Erin is absolutely stunning in a pink one. The two naughty ladies sit on the bed with their legs stretched out. They can't hide the excitement on their face as they start talking dirty.  Octavia and Erin are full of lustful energy while showing off their sexy feet. They first flaunt their smooth soles before displaying the beauty of their arches and toes. Octavia has a blue toenail polish, while Erin's toenails are black. The naughty hotties stack their feet to each other while talking in soft and arousing whispers. After displaying the beauty of her feet, Erin spreads her legs and slides her lingerie to the side to show her pink pussy. Octavia follows her skinny friend, revealing the beauty of her tight coochie. Any man who sees the jaw-dropping pussy displays from the two gorgeous ladies can make any man want to join them on the bed.  Being with Octavia and Erin is like going to the foot fetish paradise. The naughty cuties continue with the foot teasing JOI with bright smiles on their face. No man can resist the charm of the alluring combination of Octavia and Erin. Just imagine the orgasmic pleasure and intense carnal satisfaction these feet goddesses can offer. They continue to touch their feet, waiting for a warm and sticky load. The only thing missing is the beautiful sight of creamy jizz dripping down their sexy feet. To end their sensual play, the captivating ladies make out with each other.

August 5, 2022


Comments (19)


That toe curling at 4 minutes in was intense! She really knows how to scrunch up those soles and show off her wrinkles. They both have amazing soft soles. I'm gonna save this one for later lol. I love a good toe curl. Mmm scrunch those soles. Thank you so much for this scene!


you should definitely do a threesome video with these models andrew octavia and erin are very sexy models erin does the job of licking her feet very well


I can't believe there was not toe sucking. I was so frustrated that it ended up without toe sucking,

Andrew Youngman Moderator

There will be plenty of toe sucking in their upcoming lesbian strap-on scene!


thank you so much for doing this man this is so sensual and hot


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