Some women have a natural chemistry between them. Thalia Mint and Dorothy Black look really good with each other. Thalia's lovely frame with small tits and firm ass complements Dorothy's hot shape with big tits and attractive booty. The alluring brunettes are sitting side by side on the couch in nothing but their black underwear. This sight will, without a doubt, make any man who's into feet worship hard. Thalia's milky pink nail polish contrasts with Dorothy's bright red one. Despite their differences in appearance and aura, the beauties go well with each other. The pair of hotties start rubbing their feet against each other's in a really sensual way. Thalia and Dorothy enjoy the sensation of having someone else's warmth every time their skin touches. Their faces show that they want to do more than just tease each other. Having someone worship their sexy feet and fulfill their fantasies will undoubtedly make them wet and horny. Heat envelopes their bodies as their skin continues to touch, from the tip of their sexy toes and their arches to their beautiful soles. Just playing with their feet makes Thalia and Dorothy so horny. Thalia and Dorothy lift their legs and keep their feet up. They continue with their foot play and even start caressing each other's feet with their hands. Thalia plays with Dorothy's toes, adoring every digit with her fingers. Both of them can't wait to shrimp each other's toes and lick each other's soles. With how hot they are, the scene where they fuck each other will definitely be a steamy one that will arouse any foot fetish enthusiasts. Hotties like Thalia and Dorothy are worthy of attention, especially when their feet look perfect for foot sex. With how lewd the beauties look with their feet up in the air and their firm asses showing, no man will be able to hold back their lust.

November 19, 2023


Comments (6)


Please tell me.its a 3some. I wanna see Dorothy Black fuck.

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Me too, but she only does girls...


Thalia Mint and Dorothy Black are really sexy, their feet are amazing hey friend @andrew youngman dorothy black do you have any plans for a threesome or a boy girl scene they are still so sexy I can't help but think about their gorgeous threesome with their feet thank you for the video when is the release date


I take it this a g/g scene?


I like to see more footsie TEASE !!! I have big fetish seeing girls rubbing their feet together ♡♡♡ plz more longer next vids 10mn


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