Birds of the same feather flock together. The hot and stunning Simon Kitty and Alyssa Bounty are both ladies capable of making anyone fall for them. Simon Kitty is a black-haired beauty with big tits and a firm ass. She is wearing black lingerie and has red nail polish on her toes. On the other hand, Alyssa Bounty is a gorgeous brunette babe wearing white and black lingerie that accentuates her natural tits and firm ass. Her lovely toes are decorated with milky white nail polish. Both hotties are the type of women men fall for and are willing to grovel over. Simon and Alyssa introduce themselves, looking so provocative. The naughty beauties caress and show off how sexy they are. They rub their feet against each other and start playing with them. From their slender legs to their lovely toes and pink soles, these gorgeous vixens are just perfect stars for foot porn. Just watching Simon and Alyssa have fun with each other can excite a man's heart and dick. The way they enjoy each other's touch is full of passion, igniting the flames of lust in them. They can't help but get horny after all the rubbing and caressing. Driven by lust, Alyssa and Simon proceed to shimp their toes. They lick and suck their digits passionately. Their toes, glistening with their own spit, will look really perfect for teasing the tip of a man's throbbing cock. With how the beauties are working hard with their feet, there's no way a foot porn enthusiast will not take notice of them. Both hotties deserve to have people worship their incredible performances and sexy feet. Simon Kitty and Alyssa Bounty wrap up their tease, knowing full well that whoever joins in on their sensual party will certainly be the luckiest man around.

January 12, 2024


Comments (3)


Oh wow! This is soooo hot! Double self toe sucking is a killer. And these girls are hot as fuck. Cannot wait for the scene to drop.


Thank you! But please, we need more Simon Kitty...maybe a hardcore next time?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

You wish may come true very soon:)


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