One sexy hottie is enough to make a man lose his mind, but imagine having two naughty babes teasing you at the same time. Stunning Sasha Rose introduces the lovely Samantha Cruz while stating her desire to have sex with her. The two naughty ladies sit on the couch, freely teasing each other's sexy feet. Sasha is wearing a pair of see-through lingerie that has hot pink lace patterns, while Samantha is donning black lingerie with metal chain straps on the side. Both ladies look perfectly ravishing in their respective outfits. It also helps that the beauties appear to be sexually compatible with each other. The spacious living room can't contain the hotness of Sasha and Samantha as they sensually rub their lovely feet against each other's. The hot pink pedicure makes Sasha's feet look a lot more elegant, especially with the crown tattoo. Meanwhile, Samantha's nails have clear nail polish which highlights their natural charm. Their pretty pink soles can make any man who has a foot fetish want their hard cock in between them. Both the beauties' pedicured toes look perfect for sensual shrimping. Sasha and Samantha show off their lovely feet, from their sexy ankles to their pink soft soles. They teasingly caress their feet with their hands before Samantha takes Sasha's right foot and starts licking it from the bridge to her hot pink nail polished toes. Sasha also does the same for her naughty partner. The black-haired beauties with big tits and firm asses rub their feet against each other's. They both get on their knees as Samantha licks and sucks Sasha's toes. Wanting to spice things up more, Sasha uses her toes to fondle the black beauty's shaved pussy before letting her suck on the toes and lick her sole. The two goddesses smile, knowing their combined allure will surely arouse any and every man who sees them together.

August 6, 2023


Comments (3)


Bruhh why are you putting Sasha rose in a GG scene. Will she atleast have anotherer BG scene

Andrew Youngman Moderator

For fans who likes GG scenes... And yes we have a BG with her as well.


I think this scene is a lesbian scene I would love to have a threesome when is the release date


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