Having one beautiful girl in a room can make a man drool, but no one can beat the alluring aura emitting from two. The atmosphere in the room gets hotter as Millie Morgan and Savvy Suxx draw smooches and admire the unique beauty of one another. Flashing their most enchanting smiles, the two ladies parade their captivating figures while dressed in stylish clothing. Millie wears a yellow tank top, a creme-colored skirt, and baby blue strappy high-heels, and Savvy wears an emerald green skimpy dress with matching beige strap high-heels. Both hotties are serving looks as they caress their appetizing pedicured feet. The two ladies hold a lustful gaze with their piercing eyes as their hands slowly crawl down to their feet. They turn them at a certain angle, flaunting their riveting ankles and clean toenails. Millie and Savvy slide off their high heels, exposing their appealing feet. They gently twirl their feet, revealing their pink and taintless soles, before bringing their legs up toward their chest. The blonde bombshells proceed to brandish their feet while their delicious pussies are in full view. Men's eyes will wander on the starlets' physiques as they continue to exhibit their delicate bare feet and slits while moving arousingly. With burning passion, Millie and Savvy rub their feet on one another sensually. Stoked to have a man with a big dick worship their delectable feet, they begin stroking with their feet, demonstrating how good they are at delivering a footjob. Their seductive up-and-down gestures come to a halt as they bring their foot toward their luscious lips to deliver a mouth-watering toe-sucking. With their velvety tongues gliding between their long and delicious toes and bobbing their heads to show their alluring sucking skills, Millie and Savvy can't help the overpowering lust taking control of their bodies. Exhibiting their lewd actions and delicate feet for the last time, the two-foot goddesses can't wait to have a man dump a load of cum on their clean feet.

March 31, 2024


Comments (12)


I was going to ask if Savvy Suxx was going to be on LHF so thanks a lot Andrew is this going to be a g/g scene? and one more thing I can't download the pics for this video is there an issue there or something?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Yes there was an issue with the photoset but it's fixed now. The answer for your other question will be answered soon:)


It was great that Savvy Suxx has finally arrived. They are a very nice duo with Millie Morgan. This video has amazing feet. Is it a girl girl scene or a threesome scene? When is the release date?


Please please get Raina Rae, Sisi Love, Elly Clutch 🙏🏼


amazing scene upcoming


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