Teasing from one gorgeous woman is pleasing enough, but receiving it from two hot ladies is another level, especially from a man’s point of view. Kira Noir and Eliza Ibarra are two stunning babes who, without even doing anything, look completely tempting with their natural curves that effortlessly capture anyone’s attention when they walk down the street. They look alluring in their matching white tops, denim shorts, and sexy heels that look perfect with their dainty feet. One scan of their tits, bouncy asses, and tempting legs can give any man a boner. The two horny ladies look sexy just by sitting on the white chair until they decide to make their newly polished toenails comfortable by removing their heels. The ebony beauty has long toes with clear-polished toenails that go perfectly with her complexion. While the playful brunette has a pinky sole and smooth feet that slightly show some of its veins. Without a doubt, their feet are worthy of sensual foot worshiping and shrimping. Eliza proves it by giving the brunette’s feet a seductive lick and suck. They make it more enticing as both of them rub their feet against each other, flashing a tempting situation any foot-loving man would want to have. To turn things up a notch, the two naughty hotties feel each other’s cold soles, imagining a hot stud’s dick between them. Along with their big tits and juicy asses, it is obvious how deserving they are of hardcore fucking. Their minds are flooded with naughty ideas of how their clean-looking feet would please a girthy cock. The two provocative vixens continue to hold their legs up, enough to show how exciting it is to see feet and pussy on full display at the same time. Without a doubt, any foot-loving man would want to have that. As they continue teasing the imaginary stud, Eliza finally gives Kira’s foot another lick, picturing it covered in cum.

November 6, 2023


Comments (13)


Kira Noir and Eliza Ibarra have really sexy feet. I think this video is a girl girl scene. When is the release date?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

It's a threesome on November 24th


I don’t think it’s possible for there to be a better duo for you guys to put together. Holy shit


Wish Kora noir wasn't in it, but excited to see Eliza back


Kira Noir doing a foot fetish scene!? With Eliza Ibarra?! Sign me up!!


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