Blonde and blue go well together. The blonde babe, Karina King, is wearing sky-blue lingerie that complements her fair skin and bright hair. The outfit also highlights her big, enhanced tits and round ass. This beauty has looks that are hard to forget and will haunt men's wildest fantasies. Her sexy toes are painted with red nail polish. Looking at her lovely feet, one can't help but imagine them covered in thick cum. Anyone who sees the hottie will surely fail to ignore her charm. Karina is a woman who will not hesitate to show her naughty side if it means satiating her thirst. The blonde babe rubs her feet together and caresses them with her hands. Karina can't wait to have a throbbing cock between them. She is the type who offers sensual foot massages and enjoys watching as a man gets hard under her touch. The hottie pictures a man touching her feet and shrimping her toes– the thought sends shivers down her spine and makes her shave pussy wet. Karina puts her soles close together and makes an up-and-down gesture as if she's giving a sensual footjob to a stiff dick. This imaginary foot massage will, without a doubt, arouse any man with a foot fetish. Karina continues her tease with an unwavering passion. The horny blonde then starts rubbing her heel against her clit. Soft moans escape her lips as the pleasure makes her body hot and her mind muddled. After that, the busty hottie brings her feet close to her feet and starts smelling it. She exclaims as she sniffs, thinking of how much her lover will like it. The beauty then proceeds to suck her toes, slowly wetting them with her spit. Karina once again fondles her clit using her heel. She can't wait to have a man worship her feet while stretching her hole.

January 7, 2024


Comments (4)


except Lena and Sirena ... the others updates are all boy/girl .. no G/G or G/G/B .... bad month for me!!


Karina King is a model with really beautiful feet. Her lesbian video was very nice. I'm sure the teaser of this video will be nice. When is the release date?


What a lovely curvy sexy woman with beautiful feet and sooo hot red toes ( that’s 2 posts with red nails in a row, thank you) I look forward to the full length feature.


Omg her toes. 😍😍😍💁🏼‍♀️😂


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