A stunning woman like Jewelz Blu is someone who's worthy of having men line up down the block for her attention. Beautiful, sexy, and horny, this blue-haired dreamboat does not hesitate to let her lust be known to whoever cares to listen. Wearing a flowy and front-plunging periwinkle dress matched with bedazzled crystal heels, Jewelz struts around in the garden gazebo while thinking of what to do for the day. Her thoughts began innocently enough, but soon they took a dive into the naughty and sinful, pushing her to imagine a lover standing in front of her. Knowing how provocative her outfit already is, she knows she'll have the full attention of any man, but she desires someone who'll worship her feet. It might not look like it, yet Jewelz is the kind of woman who adores a man willing to put all his time and effort into sucking, massaging, and licking her soles that she works so hard on keeping soft and supple. Propping her leg on a ledge, the sexy angel shows off her ankles and how her feet arch in her heels—a sight that'll definitely put a man with feet fetish on his knees and a desire to lick and worship every inch of it. The lavender nail polish she picked out goes perfectly with her complexion and is tempting enough for a sensual shrimping. Walking over to the outdoor seating, Jewelz takes off her heels and begins to self-suck her pedicured feet, trying to fit as much as she could before rubbing them against each other as if she’s giving a footjob. She contorts her body to show off her flexibility, attempting to reach her feet at a different angle and making anyone who watches want to facefuck or fuck her in all sorts of positions. Laying back, the front of the stunner's dress falls to the side to reveal her natural tits, while spreading her legs exposes her shaved pink pussy. Jewelz continues to rub the soles together before getting on her knees, her round firm ass and feet more than ready to receive a hot load of cum.

November 13, 2023


Comments (8)


They can bring Chanel Camryn for a scene, the girl is beautiful and her feet, puff, I love them 🥹🥹


Jewelz Blu I'm really happy you brought it back this blue haired model is one of my favorite models her feet are amazingly sexy still amazing when is the release date of the video


10/10 perfect, especially the whole ending focusing on soles


Odds on Victoria Pure or Lily Adams making a new scene?


Really like the possibility of bringing Chanel Camryn too


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