What does one get when two horny and beautiful ladies are stuck in a room? It'll surely be a wild and memorable time, especially when both of them share the same fetish for feet. Jennifer Mendez and Simon Kitty are lounging on the couch in the living room while only wearing their lingerie. They recently had a pedicure and are happily showing them off to each other, with the black-haired cutie picking white nail polish while the curvy brunette opted for vivid red. Wiggling their long toes, Jennifer and Simon share the same train of thought about how it would be more fun if they had a foot-loving man with them. Being more than capable of taking care of and fulfilling each other's desires, the vixen in her innocent-looking pink lingerie self sucks her toes, covering them with her hot spit before letting the babe with big tits have a taste. Jennifer lifts her legs and watches as her beautiful partner shrimps on her pedicured toes, moaning and letting wild thoughts run around in her mind. They press and rub the wrinkled soles of their feet against each other, imagining there was a hard cock between them to tease and stroke. After they lay back on each end of the couch, Simon slides one of her feet against the blue thong of her friend while the other is being sensually worshiped. The two foot goddesses don't rush their movements, enjoying each other's company while delighting in the sensations of the touches against their bodies. Tongues against toes and soles, Jennifer and Simon whine and moan at how their lusts are not completely satisfied, but that could easily be remedied once they find the right partner. They would do such a good job at giving footjobs and be willing to have their dainty feet covered with cum.

October 30, 2023


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Please tell me this is a threesome. Simon kitty has feet that are way to perfect, to not see her give a footjob would be insane.


Jennifer Mendez and Simon Kitty are really beautiful, especially simony kitty's feet are amazing. Jennifer Mendez's feet are very sexy. I think this video is a lesbian video. Am I wrong? When is the release date?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

November 14


hot girls, love to see them in a BG. Specially Simon kitty Btw Is destiny mira possible? She is nasty in a very good way. She do it all...Great feet also. Specially when she has white pedicure


Next Threesome?


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