Picking up a hitchhiker can be a good deed. But if the one you show kindness to is as naughty as Hime Marie, it can be quite beneficial for you as well. The brunette Latina is sitting in the backseat of the car, wearing a white crop top, white shorts, and black high-heeled leather boots. With her glasses on, Hime looks nerdy and sexy at the same time. The hottie expresses her gratitude to the man for giving her a ride. Hime Marie is resting her sore feet from walking for a long time before getting into your car. Hime Marie takes off her leather boots, revealing her stinky black socks. After wearing the shoes for a long time, it's inevitable for them to smell. The naughty petite Latina then removes her socks to set her sweaty feet free. The beauty wriggles and clenches her long sexy toes to stretch them after hours of suffocation inside her stuffy shoes. White nail polish decorates her lovely toes, making her feet look even more alluring and perfect. Just imagining Hime Marie's feet pressing on a cock can make any man shudder in delight and crave more. The brunette hottie shows off her seductive feet, knowing how a foot-loving man would react. Hime Marie keeps moving her long toes as if she's trying to grab onto something. To show more of what she can offer, the gorgeous babe turns around to flaunt her firm ass and sexy feet at the same time. Her backside looks like it would produce a crisp and wonderful sound from a sensual spanking. Hime Marie makes an up-and-down gesture with her feet like she's giving a footjob to a big throbbing cock. Dumping a thick, warm load on her alluring feet will surely be a sight any guy would be dying to see.

January 1, 2024


Comments (6)


Hime Marie has very beautiful feet. It's really nice that you brought her back. When is the release date of the video?


I am so beyond stoked , Hime has the prettiest feet in the industry


Her soles look delicious and stinky! Wow


Yall are really spoiling us, we got an amazing scene with Lexi Luna and Cassie Del Isla, then we got Cherry Kiss' POV scene that was incredible, Lola Fae's new vid is dropping soon, and then we are also getting Hime Marie! I couldn't be any happier Andrew, this is truly amazing.

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Right on brother! Thanks!🙏 And there are a lot more to come😉


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