Some people may find public display of explicit actions to be repulsive, but for the stunning Cherry Kiss, doing so does not embarrass her at all. This blonde babe is sitting in a VIP lounge, scrolling through her phone, and sipping wine. She is wearing a snug beige dress that accentuates her lovely figure and a pair of black high heels that make her sexy feet stand out even more. Cherry's elegant demeanor matches the exquisite background. The hottie mostly ignores the others in the room until she notices someone checking her out. Since the naughty man seems to be having a good time drooling over her lovely feet, Cherry Kiss decides to tease him. She takes off her heels slowly and savors his every reaction. The beauty shows off her clean soles and French pedicured toes. Every arch and bump of her feet look so delicious, rendering anyone with a foot fetish desperate to taste them. The naughty blonde flexes her toes, making them look perfect for a sensual footjob. Just imagining her using those sensual digits to stroke a stiff cock might be more than enough to make a man cum. Cherry Kiss is undoubtedly a woman capable of grabbing the attention of viewers who are into foot porn.  To make her feet more tempting, Cherry self-shrimps her toes and drenches them with her spit. The blonde hottie then makes a suggestive gesture. She moves her feet up and down as if she's stroking a big hard dick. Since the people around her seem to be indifferent to her actions, the naughty beauty goes ahead and does whatever she wants— licking, kissing, and caressing her precious feet. She rubs them together, imagining a man's warm load all over them. Cherry Kiss's lewd imagination leads to her pussy getting wet. The hottie sucks and licks her toes the way she would when cleaning cum off of them.

December 11, 2023


Comments (11)


Cherry Kiss is the GOAT! I never get tired of watching her. Thanks for getting her back - Again!


Amazing 10/10 what type of scene will this be?


Love feet 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Cherry Kiss is still one of my favorite models and she is a model who is in love with foot fetish and so am I. The change in this video is that it was done in a public place and it really seemed very different to people because normally even telling a person that they have a foot fetish can be interesting to people. When is the release date of the video?


Will we see katrina colt anytime soon, her last scene was 10/10, really pretty, banging body, and sexy feet, if so, would love to see her in a anal video ta


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