Grabbing a man's attention can be a difficult task to take on, but naturally alluring women don't have such an issue. Katrina Colt and Alexia Anders are in the group where tempting a lover to do their bidding is as effortless as breathing. Clad in casual fits for the day, the two sexy foot goddesses put forth their freshly pedicured toes as they lounge about the outdoors on the beige divan. With nothing else to do, Katrina and Alexia let their imaginations run amock, thinking of how much a foot-loving man would go wild at the sight of such beauties together, and he's more than willing to do anything to show them how much he worships them. The devious divas are not shy about voicing their wants, their eyes shining with lust as they chronicle their fantasies. Katrina would love to use her toes to feel out a man's hard cock, sliding the length in between them and watching how he'll react. Alexia will enjoy using the wrinkled soles of her feet to give a sensual footjob, making sure to keep him hard and ready for anything they have in store. The ladies with small tits continue with their teasing, lifting their dainty deep red nail-polished feet into the air to give whoever wants to get their fill of the lovely view they make. The Asian beauty seems to be bolder than the brunette delight, but together, they give the perfect balance of provocative and innocence that can't be found elsewhere. They keep their feet up high, letting their imaginary lover crave the feel of their soles against his cock instead of his hands. Katrina and Alexia wouldn't mind watching their partner stroke himself, taunting him with dirty words and their pussies that are visible with their legs held up. The devious darlings move their feet in an up-and-down motion as if they're giving the perfect footjobs and begging for fresh cum to cover every inch of their soles and pedicured toes.

May 19, 2024


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I'm curious about the Katrina Colt and Alexia Anders video and I think they both have gorgeous feet. Am I wrong? When is the release date of the video?


Can you bring in Renee Rose


Make the release date today


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