The smallest things can sometimes awaken the lust in people. Freya Parker and Octavia Red are lounging outdoors when they suddenly feel horny. Freya is a brunette babe with dazzling green eyes who is wearing a white top and a black skirt. Meanwhile, Octavia is a tattooed blonde sporting a gray top and a block skirt that matches that of her brunette friend's. It's not a surprise that the two lovely ladies are smitten with each other. Their stunning looks alone are enough to drive someone crazy. Getting attracted to each other is inevitable, especially when they are in close proximity and their allure is on full display for one another to see. Freya and Octavia are admiring each other's sexy feet. They have matching red nail polish on both their toes and fingers. It's a lovely sight to behold and a view that's difficult to ignore. Any man with a foot fetish will do anything to have these stunning beauties step on his face. Smelling their captivating soles will surely leave anyone in a daze and with a tent pitching on their crotches. The brunette hottie and the tattooed blonde's toes are really pretty and are perfect for sloppy shrimping. Freya and Octavia have two pairs of legs that deserve to be worshipped. The two vixens notice the man hovering around them. To give the lucky stud a good show to watch, Freya and Octavia caress their feet, from their toes, soles, and arches to their legs. While doing so, they encourage the man to stroke his cock. The hotties lift their legs to give a proper view of their soles. They continue to play with their feet before making footjob gestures. Many would surely be unable to resist the temptation those breathtaking limbs bring. Two gorgeous women rub their feet together and tell the man to continue jerking his dick while they count down for when he can cum. Picturing some thick jizz on them, the ladies wiggle their toes. Freya licks her own toe before letting Octavia have a taste as well.

June 2, 2024


Comments (5)


Freya Parker and Octavia Red are two of the models I really like, their feet are very smooth and worth fucking, they are two models lesbian scene, I guess when is the release date of the video?


That Looks so hot , is that gonna be a lesbian scene or a threesome ? And can you bring back Blake blossom for another scene ? Also it would be nice if you can book raina rae or ella reese, is that possible?


Double red polish. O. M. G. Orgasm city coming. 🤦🏼‍♀️🙆‍♀️😂 A foot fetishist’s like me dream cum true. I’ll be weak in the knees after this one. 😂


Freya is so lovely and sexy, Godddd , when she took her feet and start sucking....!!!!!


These are two of my favorite performers❣️ ❤️🤗 Looking forward to this one!


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