I was at my friend Jake's house since he helps me out with my studies. He was trying to explain to me the homework but I wasn’t really paying attention because I was on a text rampage arguing with my stupid boyfriend. When Jake asked me what's wrong I told him that it seems like I'm about to break up with my boyfriend. He asked why. So I told Jake that my boyfriend has basically been a jerk lately along with many other issues as well. Then he asked about the other issues. I told him it might be too much info but the bf is pretty bad in bed. And Jake’s questions just kept coming! So he asked what’s not working for me in bed with the bf. I just couldn’t not say...he simply doesn’t play with my feet and it is very important for me since that’s how I achieve the biggest orgasms. He said said he totally gets it; and only because I brought it up, he divulged that he actually has a huge foot fetish. No way...but really? Hmm... Then he went right back on with the homework. Not for me. I’ve been footsex deprived and all this time I knew a guy with a foot fetish. From that point on I couldn't focus on anything else but having Jake worship my sexy red pedicured toes. I just hope he has a nice big cock. Let’s find out! So I slowly slipped off my shoe and started to play footsie with him under the table. He was so shy at first and acted like he didn’t know what was going on but when my feet reached his huge boner we both knew what was about to happen next. I put my feet up on the table with my sexy soles facing him. He couldn't believe this is happening. I told him he can lick and suck them and have his way with my feet. I was craving some hot foot sex so bad. His tongue felt amazing on my toes. I got so horny right away. He stood up so I took his cock out and gave him a sloppy blow job. Now that his cock was slippery, I squeezed it between my wrinkled soles so he can fuck my feet really good. He put me up on the table and fingered me until I squirted all over the place. He made me lick my squirted juices, put my feet in the squirt puddle, and then he placed my wet nasty soles on his face. Fucking hot! I asked him to fuck my slut pussy so I could keep cumming. Then he took me over to the couch and fucked me while sucking on my sexy toes. Before he busted his nut all over my slutty feet, he made me ride his big hard cock with my soles up. Cum on feet is so sexy...especially his. I think I'm completely over my ex-boyfriend now. I wonder if Jake has a girlfriend...

December 11, 2020


Comments (30)


Great video! Can we have more toe rings?


Loving this video. Great self sucking and very sexy girl.


FEET PERFECTION!!! Please make sure Gizelle gets more scenes! By the way is that Kenna James in next Friday scene?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Yes that's her. Finally...:)


FINALLY SHOES! FINALLY a REVEAL! The reveal could have been SLOWER and filmed more for us, like close up and take the time to show off each foot. Regardless, I think progress has been made and my goodness Giselle is GORGEOUS! Would have taken any male talent besides Jake who never seems to stay hard for these incredible women or have a great cum shot, again seems like a nice guy and all just not my vision of male talent for these amazing women


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