Not even the sun can beat how hot putting two gorgeous ladies in the same room is. Naughty Sasha Rose lazes around the living room in her see-through lingerie with pink lace patterns while scrolling through her phone. Bored, she takes a photo of her sexy feet, which are adorned with hot pink nail polish and a crown tattoo, and sends it to Samantha Cruz, who seems to like it a lot. The ebony beauty, wearing a snug silver dress and sparkly sandals, resumes walking after checking her phone. Her destination is, naturally, Sasha's house. As soon as Samantha enters the room, the beauties start making out. Sasha lies down and watches as the ebony babe worships her sexy feet, licking her wrinkled soles and giving her toes a sensual shrimping. Sasha goes behind Samantha, her hands wandering while she strips off the other’s clothes. The long haired foot goddess slowly takes off her lingerie while her lover’s mouth continues to slurp on her foot. Sasha also uses her other foot to knead Samantha's big tits. The lesbian couple's steamy scene pushes forward as Sasha licks Samantha's shaved pussy before worshiping her lovely feet and light pink polished toes. Looking at the naughty woman's erotic action makes the black beauty wetter and ache with need. Samantha plays with her clit while her feet get damp with spit before mirroring her lovely partner’s actions. The room continues to heat up as the horny ladies continue to lick each other's wet pussy and sexy feet, either lying down or on all fours. They proceed to use their toes to fondle each other's clit while busying their mouths with each other's feet. As the lewd atmosphere intensifies, the goddesses proceed with scissor fucking while they shrimp one another's lovely toes. Their big tits bounce as their movements hasten. Upon reaching orgasm, the alluring hotties wrap up their steamy session with a kiss.

August 23, 2023


Comments (11)


Possible to get Samantha Cruz back for a BG ? Need more Ebony . Btw Harley Dean is active again in shows up in sites. Try to bring her back.

Andrew Youngman Moderator

I'll see what I can do


Andrew! So gooooood! I was heading for an orgasm a minute for a while there. 🙆‍♀️😆


Samantha Cruz and sasha rose are really beautiful, the scene of licking and rubbing each other's feet and soles is very nice, shoot a threesome video with these two, thanks for the video in the future @andrew youngman have a nice day


No dialog, average sex, so-so feet. Totally boring!


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