Leaving a woman in the middle of nowhere is such a dick move. Hime Marie's boyfriend is a complete dirtbag for ditching her and taking everything with him. The brunette beauty in a white top, shorts, and denim jacket has no choice but to hitchhike on a total stranger's car to get out of the road. Hime’s high-heeled boots are killing her, and she only gets to rest them when Milan gives her a ride. The hottie in glasses expresses her gratitude to the man and asks his permission to take off her shoes and socks inside the car. Milan compliments the sexy vixen's feet, despite them being sweaty and smelly from walking. Noticing the handsome driver’s gaze on her sexy feet, Hime tries her hand at seducing him. The brunette babe tells him about how she wants to try a lot of new things while caressing her feet. Unable to ignore the lewd atmosphere anymore, the beauty asks the naughty man if he wants to play around with her. He agrees in a heartbeat and starts shrimping Hime Marie's white nail-polished toes. He pulls over before continuing to suck the brunette lady's toes. Their foreplay persists with a blowjob-handjob combo and a footjob. After that, Milan carries Hime to the back of the pickup truck for a more comfortable location. He once again shrimps the naughty woman’s toes before moving to lick her shaved pussy. The bearded man then proceeds to fuck her in missionary and sideways missionary. Hime Marie delivers a sensual footjob-handjob combo to the man's throbbing cock after he pulls out. The foot goddess moans in delight as they continue with the pussy pounding in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and doggystyle. After Milan pulls out and receives another footjob-handjob combo from the brunette lady, he facefucks her with unrestrained enthusiasm. About to cum, the man lets Hime stroke his dick with her toes until she shoots his load all over her feet.

January 20, 2024


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Wow. This has to be one of the best footjob endings. Her toes worked that sweet spot under the head until he blew a big load and completely drained; must had felt amazing. That technique always guaranteed to make any man go crazy! 10/10! Thanks Andrew!! Hopefully more to come.


Lmao the silverado interior is so bad Good scene though


Andrew! So hot! I’ll be making my husband explode like this later! 💁🏼‍♀️😂

Andrew Youngman Moderator



Wow, it's an incredibly sensual, sexy foot fetish video and Hime Marie's feet are amazing in nature. This scene reminded me of the video with Lena Paul and Bill Bailey. The close-ups of Hime Marie and the scenes in the vehicle and behind the truck were very good. I would love for you to do such a scene as a trio with different models. Thank you very much for hime marie @andrew youngman and lhf team have a good day


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