My mom's previous marriage ended because me and my ex-stepdad, Stirling, had an affair. I can't help but have a thing for sexy older men. The affair was a few years ago and he remarried; my mom too. Lately, I'd been thinking about Stirling more often, especially of our hot sneaky encounters. He had a naughty foot fetish and was very into my feet. He loved to lick and suck on my pretty toes and loved to worship my sexy soles and high arches. It always turned me on because he was always so good at worshipping my beautiful goddess feet. Ever since he broke up with my mom and moved out, I haven't had foot sex and I’d been missing it. So I decided to hit him up. He still had the same number so it was easy. He was very happy to hear from me and said that I’m welcome to stay at his house if I am in town. So I took on the opportunity and drove to Los Angeles to see him. His new wife, Aaliyah, is really gorgeous and lovely. When Stirling opened the door, he looked even more handsome than I remembered. After introducing me to his wife, they showed me around their beautiful house. When they were showing me my room for the weekend, Aaliyah suddenly got a phone call and stepped out. I immediately grabbed Stirling’s face and made out with him. He tried to escape but I pressed my heels against his cock, which he couldn't resist. We made out for a few seconds but then suddenly and abruptly, he left the room. I was left there sitting on the bed with a soaking wet pussy. To my surprise, he almost immediately came back and said he’s missed me so much. He removed my shoes and started to lick and suck on my sexy red pedicured toes. He was about to eat my pussy when his wife called from downstairs. He snapped out of it and obviously realized he’s about to ruin his second marriage. So he said he needed to go, and went downstairs. But I knew our little reunion wasn’t over just yet. Later on that evening while Aaliyah was cooking, Stirling and I were watching TV in the living room. Aaliyah couldn't see from the kitchen that I was giving her husband a sneaky footjob. At one point, as she came closer to prepare the table, we almost got caught. I felt so slutty. I felt even sluttier when at the dinner table, I gave Stirling a sneaky footjob under the table while also having a lovely conversation with Aaliyah. Then the moment came when she dropped her fork. As she bent over to pick it up, she spotted my red pedicured feet all over her husband's crotch. She was as shocked as we were. She pointed at me, called me a whore, and said now she understands why I came here. She also said it became clear to her that his previous marriage ended because of our sneaky slutty affairs. But then she sat on the table and asked me if I like feet. Whaaat? Of course I said yes. With that, she lifted her leg, put her foot in my mouth, and ordered me to suck on it. I did and I loved it. With her foot, she worked her toes down my throat to make me choke and gag. I have to say, the simple thought of sitting there and slobbering from gagging on Stirling’s new wife’s feet was fucking hot. This trip just got better! I did as she ordered. I laid down on the couch and sucked her hubby's big cock while she smothered my face with her sexy pink pedicured feet. She pushed my head down with her foot so his cock could hit the back of my throat. I felt so slutty, especially when she made him fuck me while sucking on her sexy feet and toes. Then she sat on my face, and made me eat her juicy pussy and ass while Stirling pounded my tight pussy with his big hard cock. He fucked her from behind while I ate her pussy and sucked on his sweaty balls. Then we both smothered his face with our pretty feet. We made him lick and suck on our feet and toes before giving him an epic double footjob. After countless orgasms and a lot of foot play, he finally came all over our sexy barefeet. Apparently Aaliyah loves cum on feet too; together we licked his cum off our slutty feet and then made out. Cum on feet is so hot. Especially when you have a beautiful chick to share the taste of it with. I think Aaliyah and Stirling would agree that my spontaneous trip to Los Angeles was a great idea.

August 28, 2020


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(Randy Moore) is there a scene of her foot deep throat? I'm looking forward to seeing her works on this website. I'm looking forward to publishing some scenes of silk stockings touching feet and deep throat. Black silk and meat silk stockings can lick the feet of silk stockings first and then take off the stockings to lick bare feet. I hope there will be such scenes. Thank you very much

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Absolutely. Just wait for the next update with Crystal Rush


adorable triple foot scenes we want more


It was the film that attracted me to become a member. Please make more movies about two heroines. I like to see girls licking each other's feet


That's awsome! Great scene


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