Unbeknownst to her husband, Jill Kassidy is one of the most popular foot goddesses online, and she plans on keeping such a secret from him for as long as she can. For the day, the slender blonde welcomes a close friend, Milan, who made plans with her spouse-- who was unfortunately dragged into an emergency meeting at work. Jill lets him into their house and makes small talk, but it seems that the bearded hunk wants to come clean about figuring out her dirty secret. Milan admits to being her number one fan and avidly showers her feet with praise, stating how he will be the happiest if given the chance to smell and worship them. At first, Jill is hesitant about the situation but soon gets turned on by how much her husband's best friend is begging and lifts her legs to press her wrinkled soles against his face. Without any reservations, he begins sucking and licking her pedicured toes while moaning in pleasure at the taste and smell of them. The foot-fetish beauty enthusiastically delivers a footjob when Milan shows her how hard his cock has gotten from worshiping her dainty feet. Jill lifts her pink shirt to play with her small tits as she strokes his shaft, pinching her hard nipples while sliding her toes up and down. Things between them get more heated when she gives him a sloppy blowjob. After stripping off her clothes, Jill gets treated to a pussy licking and toe sucking before watching Milan's cock slide into her wetness and be fucked in missionary in the middle of the living room. He makes her wetter with a quick rimjob before going back to pounding her pink hole in spoons, even facefucking her as she reaches and holds onto her slender ankles. The promiscuous cutie rides his length in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, making her firm ass bounce along with each thrust. Knowing how close Jill's husband is about to arrive, Milan fucks her hard in doggystyle and prone bone before pulling out to footfuck and spilling his load onto her feet.

November 11, 2023


Comments (16)


Some hot shots by why the lack of sole licking?? She has some of the best soles ever!!




Jill is great but I have to give flowers to Milan. Consistent finishes, focuses on the feet, and overall loves his work. Huge props to him for enhancing every scene he is in.


Jill Kassidy is a complete foot goddess, I love her, her soles and feet are amazing, please make a threesome video of her, she is a really sexy model, thank you for the video @andrew youngman good day my friend


Jill is one of the best adult star out there and her feet is perfection. But when the biggest adult stars are here, not all the time but often but the director makes weird decisions. Like i love feet but why should she ha ve top on the whole video? or it is stockings like video with sybil, vanessa sky (recenty), and now next week kenzie taylor. Yes sybil show 1 barefoot...and it seems kenzie just open it up for barefoot in the end of her video (vanessa all video in stockings). But these decisions is significant when the biggest adulstars here.


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