While lounging on the sofa and reading an erotic book, Angelika Greys can't help but be turned on and think about her beautiful lover, Lia Lin. The slender brunette slides off her heels and starts caressing her body, running her manicured hands down her legs and massaging her red and gold pedicured feet. Lia walks in with a dazzling smile and reveals that she finally got her divorce papers settled with her now ex-husband. Ecstatic with the news, Angelika showers her girl with kisses before suggesting they celebrate in a special way. Knowing where things are about to lead, the two gorgeous ladies start admiring each other's skimpy clothes and exquisite feet. While the one in a sparkly pinkish dress lays down, Lia runs her hot tongue along the sides of her feet before taking the time to shrimp, lick, and worship each toe. Changing positions, Angelika delivers the same treatment to the tanned babe in a green dress, making her moan in satisfaction. Wanting more than teasing gestures, they strip off their clothes, and the blue-eyed hottie spreads her slim legs to welcome a pussy licking from the tattooed belle. Lia moans as she's being pleasured with oral sex, caressing her small tits as she watches Angelika give her a well-deserved foot worshiping along with it. She rubs at her throbbing clit while her fair-skinned girlfriend shrimps her French-tipped toes until she orgasms. At her limit, Angelika positions herself on top and makes the other gal lick her pussy and feet while continuing to give pleasure back. They 69 on the white couch, their moans filling up the room. After a quick yet passionate makeout session, Lia and Angelika scissor while watching the pleasure paint each other's faces. They continue to show appreciation for the stunning feet laid before them as they grind their wet pussies until they cum.

February 21, 2024


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Lia Lin is one of my favorite European actresses, behind Zazie Skymm. I've seen Lia in a number of MixedX films on the AdultTime network, where lesbians engage in foot fetish, story-centered action. Thank you for bringing her on board the LoveHerFeet train, where her skills and natural beauty can shine best. But let a man hope he gets to see one day a GGG scene with Lia, Zazie, and another of my faves, Amirah Adara, on this site. Hehe.


Would love to see more close ups of sole worship


Angelika Grays and Lia Lin's feet are very sexy, the lesbian video was really nice, but it was a little short, do this couple and threesome video as well, they are really sexy and horny, thank you for the video, have a good day


Are there any plans to bring in Claudia Bavel?


I really wish you guys would stop editing out the footwear being taken off. Its most definitely something i look forward to seeing, and should always be put in the video if the models are already wearing heels/shoes/boots etc...Watching models remove each others shoes is very seductive and sexy foreplay.


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