Under the warm sun, Molly Little thinks up a plan to spend her day while her boyfriend is out. Conveniently, Jay Romero, a handsome foot-loving special friend of hers, calls and gives her the bright idea to invite him over to keep her company in a naughty way. It didn't take long for him to arrive, seemingly knowing why he was there and getting more turned on once he saw Molly in a pink top, denim short shorts, and barefoot. The devious pair do not waste time beating around the bush, with Jay picking up the petite blonde and dropping her onto a plush white chair in the living room to begin an unforgettable foot worship. Molly giggles and moans while watching the horny hunk suck, playfully bite, and lick her pedicured toes and wrinkly soles, delighted by all the attention her dainty feet are receiving. Positioning herself on all fours, Jay slides his warm tongue between her digits and over the feet aches before taking off the beautiful babe's shorts and sliding her underwear to the side to reveal her shaved pussy. Moving to the bedroom, he continues to worship Molly's feet and give a sensual pussy licking until he's ready to be pleasured in return. Seeing his long hard cock, the cutie with small tits uses the soles of her feet to give a well-deserved footjob before watching it slide in and out of her pussy in missionary as she sucks on her long toes. The horny lovers enjoy each other's company in various positions, like doggystyle, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. Molly gives her friend a footjob-handjob combo in between, keeping his cock hard and ready to fuck her wet pussy. Close to the edge, Jay slides out and enjoys a blowjob before stroking himself to completion and spilling his warm load all over the blonde’s sexy feet and French-tipped toes. Teasingly, Molly cleans up the cum as her partner watches in fascination and awe.

August 19, 2023


Comments (19)


I love it when you find cute, flexible, spinners! Molly is gorgeous, and I love that she can hold her head up so high while holding her ankles! Nice zoom cum shot on her feet tops it all off! Well done!!


perfect self toe sucking


Brilliant video 🤗 , Molly Little is amazing 😍 and her feet 🤤👣...fingers licked 👅. I hope to see her again at the LHF 🤗


Molly Little has really sexy feet and thanks for showing us her soles from different angles @andrew youngman thanks for the video have a nice day


She's perfect. 10/10 video Would love to see her in a threesome with Emma Rosie or Dakota tyler


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