Beautiful blonde hottie, Charlotte Stokely, invites her brunette friend, Aidra Fox, to a slumber party. The two gorgeous babes can't help but feel horny and naughty while sharing stories about their lives and reminiscing about all the fun things they have done. Unable to control herself any longer, Aidra starts massaging Charlotte's beautiful soles, tickling her sensitive skin with her long nails. Simply touching her friend's feet is not enough to quench the burning carnal lust deep inside Aidra. She wants to worship them with all her might. Without any hesitation, she licks Charlotte's soles before sucking her long toes.  It doesn't take long until the skinny blonde is completely naked. Aidra spreads Charlotte's pink pussy with her feet before inserting her big toes inside her friend's sweet hole. Charlotte returns the pleasure by letting her brunette friend experience a sensual dose of foot worship. She uses her warm tongue to tickle every inch of Aidra's soles and toes. The naughty girls tirelessly worship each other's feet while on the bed. They make sure to give one another the pleasure and satisfaction they both deserve. After all the teasing and foot worship, the girls can't hold back themselves any longer. Moans of pleasure fill the room as soon as Aidra and Charlotte start scissoring each other. The girls can feel the intense sensation of their sensitive clits rubbing against each other. Aidra and Charlotte aggressively scissor each other until both of them cum hard from the intense sensation. They then cuddle on the bed, basking in the strong aftermath of their explosive orgasm. Aidra and Charlotte share a passionate kiss while both their feet continue to play around, teasing each other for another round. With a naughty smile on their faces, the girls know that it will be a long night filled with passion and desire. 

December 11, 2021


Comments (21)


Aidra Fox is delicious! Very sensual. I always enjoy the various wardrobes and locations as well. Very well done!


literally no angles of aidras soles...pls andrew for future G/G videos do some side by side cumming with soles up so we can see all 4 soles......Im a huge fan of gg as a concept but really not happy with the angles and poses. Tiffany tatum and Zuzu sweet scene was great g/g with good angles. Been a member a long time and slightly disappointing when you get super hot girls like Aidra, Vina, Vanna but we dont get to see their beautiful feet together. Maybe the toe insertion stuff isnt my vibe but seems to be too much of a focus on that..


Aidra is a goddess, but not a fan of the French pedi.


aidra and charlotte are very sexy feet aidra fox hasn't been for a while I'm glad you came I missed your feet I hope we will see you again in aidra fox threesome or a single sex video congratulations andrew good work


Very very nice production. I know it's weird complimenting the cinematography on a foot fetish site 🤣😂😂,. But it's like genuinely great and worth every dollar. Even the acting was oddly good in this video


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