Descending from the stairs is a goddess with an exquisite body and a sweet aura. Rissa May proudly flaunts her captivating figure with a smile on her pretty face. The seductress wears a brown sleeveless skimpy dress that accentuates the curves of her body and matches it with a pair of shiny black high heels that make her long and sexy feet alluring. With no underwear underneath, Rissa bends forward, showing her delectable ass and shaved pussy shamelessly. She sits down, spreads her legs wide enough to fully show her slit, and flutters her eyes flirtatiously before pulling down the top part of her dress to reveal her supple big tits and suckable nipples. The stunning brunette sits on the steps of the stairs while flaunting her flawless legs and arousing ankles. Rissa moves her foot slowly, dropping a high heel and revealing her nude pink pedicured feet. The sweet diva shows her attractive clean sole before moving to her other foot to drop the last high heel she's wearing. While doing so, it is evident from Rissa's lovely face that she enjoys showing off her valuable assets. The honey-pool-eyed babe moves her legs sultrily. She never misses the chance to show the right angles of her unique figure. Rissa crinkled her long and captivating toes, while her clean and pink soles would make any man want to lick them without hesitation. She poses her feet in tip-toes and sways her legs side to side while her doe-eyes display a look of lust. The hot babe continues to flaunt her thighs, calves, and down to her feet while leaning forward on the step of the stairs to make her bouncy breasts prominent. Rissa bends her attractive feet while her face displays a sign of excitement, as she can no longer wait to have a hot stud worship her hot body.

March 4, 2024


Comments (7)


Lovely dangling! Great heels. More of this please in future scenes.


Rissa May's soles and feet look perfect. When is the release date of the video?


I agree with Luvdangle, I love the dangling , sexy heels, I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to the full release.


Thank you for pumps! Damn, I would love to inhale those pumps. They must smell absolutely incredible. Ohhh and the dangling.. the toe curling.. the sound of her pumps hitting the floor.. Amazing!


Love her! when is the full video?


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