Black-haired babe Matty Mila Perez can't help but feel aroused by a gentle touch. While reading a magazine, the hottie's gaze slowly trails down to her leg. The sexy babe in a black polka-dot dress and stockings bites her bottom lip as her manicured hands slide from her calf to her foot. It doesn't take long for Matty to get very horny and in heat. The feet-loving babe sits comfortably on the couch before grabbing her other foot towards her dirty mouth. With so much adoration for her feet and horniness in her body, she begins to suck on her toes. Matty passionately sucks her toes like candy as her horniness intensifies. The sweet babe with delicious feet has her lacy thong exposed as she sits comfortably, licking her covered toes. Things just get better when Lorenzo enters the room. Seeing Matty lapping on her foot makes him instantly horny. The hot stud wearing his work clothes walks towards the feet-goddess and instantly acts out his desires. Smothering his face and shrimping the slim vixen's digits, Lorenzo begins to move vigorously. The man removes Matty’s stockings, revealing her clean soles, sexy ankles, and pink pedicured toes, before slithering his tongue on her exposed feet. Not able to control their lust any longer, the two feet-loving partners start to engage in sensual foreplay of feet-licking, pussy licking, and footjob. After that, Matty positions herself on top of Lorenzo before slipping his dick inside her shaved pussy. The fine man continues to fuck the small-titted babe in reverse cowgirl. Her pink feet are exposed as she bounces on top of her muscular lover. Lorenzo continues to thrust in and out of Matty's pussy in cowgirl, spoon, and missionary before pulling out to dump his warm and sticky cum on her dainty feet.

May 8, 2024


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Matty Mila Perez her pink pedicure and flexible sexy soles and toes are extraordinary man you really know this job do you have the opportunity to shoot a threesome video with reagan foxx I would love to see her with a beautiful model @andrew youngman thank you for the video my friend have a good day


another great video, her feet are so beautiful and so is she! wish she got her ass eaten. but please stop putting in the videos where the girl eats the guys ass.


POV shots or POV cumshot please!!


Nice vid..hey Andrew can we ever get a four girl orgy with some of the top girls then with sexy soles and lots of closeup slo -mo slobbering toe sucking ? It could be something great, just saying lol

Andrew Youngman Moderator

For sure!🔥


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