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I was on the phone with my husband, who was at work, and he told me he had a very successful meeting with the board and that the company will be moving us to Paris in a few days! At the end of our conversation, someone was knocking at the front door. I panicked and lied to my husband telling him it was the food delivery and I had to go. Not to my surprise, it was my boy toy, Jake, waiting to pounce on me like a lion. After inviting him in, I told Jake the news of my husband and me moving to Paris; he was devastated. He admitted he’s never been in love with someone’s beautiful feet the way he his with mine and that he can’t bear to be away from my soft wrinkled soles. He even went so far as to say that he has enough savings and college funds to move to Paris too. I tried to reassure him that he’s young and hot and will have many more feet sex lovers. Then to console him, I easily distracted him by putting my sexy newly pedicured feet in his face. Instantly he forgot about everything else. He began sucking on my long succulent toes and licking in between them. I knew he would almost immediately get a boner; I could see it growing in his pants. I wanted to make sure to give him one last amazing wet, sloppy, slutty footjob. So I took out his huge cock and stuffed into my mouth and deep down my throat. His big dick was lost in a web of my saliva so I wrapped my soft soles and pretty dark purple pedicured toes around it and started jerking it. He lifted me up and fucked my fat juicy pussy while sucking on my sexy feet and toes. I sat on his cock and rode it until I came all over it while my feet were up on his thighs. Then he bent me over and fucked my soaking wet pussy while staring at my wrinkled soles. At the end he came all over my sexy dark purple pedicured feet and toes. Cum on feet is so hot. What a perfect way to say goodbye to Jake. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a new foot fetish lover in Paris though.

March 6, 2020


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