Milan stops at the front of Hayley Reed's house. As the driver announces they have arrived at their destination, the slender blonde uses her sultry voice to ask for a favor. With no options left, the bearded hunk agrees to help bring in Hayley’s drunk boyfriend and they head inside. The kind stud lays them down and proceeds to trial his hungry eyes on the sexy lady's figure. The seductress is wearing a sparkly skimpy violet dress that nearly exposes her intimate areas and a pair of transparent high heels that make her long legs alluring. While Hayley is bending over to fix her partner, the naughty driver didn’t hesitate to take a proper look at her exposed shaved pussy. As the sultry blonde apologizes and gives her thanks for the help, their conversation strays towards their mutual love for feet. One thing leads to another, and Hayley starts making out with Milan, completely turned on by finding a man who’ll appreciate her feet. The pierced babe removes her high heels and lays on her back to spread her legs, fully exposing her delicious pussy. Without hesitation, Milan slithers his tongue on the hot diva's pedicured feet, giving it a sensual lick and suck, shrimping her digits like a starved man. His tongue glides from her toes to her clean soles, making her hornier than ever. Hayley even brings her fingers to her wet core and caresses it. After the hot man worships the blonde hottie's feet, he strips his pants off. With his hard cock fully exposed, Hayley moves her feet to give him a footjob. Milan returns the favor by giving her a rimjob before they start fucking in spoons. After pulling out, the horny man pulls the stunning diva's hair to facefuck her, having her saliva coat his long cock. They continue to satisfy each other in cowgirl and doggystyle. Hayley's eyes roll back while they fuck in reverse cowgirl before giving her new lover a rimjob. In missionary, Milan thrusts deeply into her pussy before Hayley goes back to give him a footjob, making him cum on her dainty feet.

March 9, 2024


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I love her! Would love watching her shoot an anal scene. Also Sedona Reign, Ella Reese, Jasmine Sherni and Victoria June.


Her toe spreads and toe curls are intense! It's usually one or the other. Her soles also have a ridiculously sexy yellow-ish tint to them. Thank you that so many of the models have actually been in shoes all day. It really makes this site the absolute best quality foot fetish porn. Natural, real feet are the best.


This was another awesome vid! Haley is gorgeous. Her purple, sparkle toes matched her outfit, and I just can't find anything negative to say. The rimming is an added scene that I enjoy, and the FootJob/Cumshot made a great ending. While I'm here, I was out of town last week, so I just now got to see the Matty and Tiffany video. That was probably the best foot fetish lesbian scene I've ever seen! The zooms on the soles and toes during foot worship made this months subscription fee worth it, but then you added Haley! This site continues to bring me more bang for the buck than any other subscription site I use.

Andrew Youngman Moderator

I'm thrilled that you feel that way.😊🙌


Haley Reed is a model with truly perfect feet and soles, one of my favorite models. Haley Reed is my man @andrew youngman. Would it be possible for you to bring the Vickie Chase model here again? Because her feet were beyond perfect, she was beautiful, thank you for Haley, have a good day.


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