When the boys are out, the girls will play. Octavia Red and Erin Everheart are alone for the weekend because their men decide to go on a fishing trip. Erin lays her lingerie on the bed. She wants to choose the best sexy outfit to play with herself. Octavia sees Erin and the beautiful sets of lingerie on the bed, so she decides to join her. Erin and Octavia get naked in front of each other without any hesitation. They each try out the lingerie. Erin looks dashing with her small natural tits and lush bush in pink lingerie. Octavia also looks sexy with big tits and round booty in purple lingerie. The naughty girls decide to try out matching sheer lingerie. The sight of each other in a sexy outfit is enough to make them horny. They tease each other with a bit of dirty talking while their sexy toes touch.  A bright blue nail polish adorns Octavia's toes, while a black one makes Erin's toenails look irresistibly sexy. Unable to control their lust for each other, Erin and Octavia make out on the bed. Erin passionately kisses Octavia before worshiping her sexy feet and eating out her wet pussy. Octavia returns the pleasure by sensually sucking Erin's long toes and licking her hairy pussy.  Erin wears a big strapon dildo and fucks her busty friend while slurping her sexy feet. Octavia can't help but moan as Erin fucks her in missionary and doggystyle. Octavia fingers the all-natural hottie's pussy before shoving her feet into her tight coochie. The naughty babes scissor each other, grinding their pussy together until they achieve the orgasm they deserve. Even without their men, Octavia and Erin have each other. They end their passionate lesbian foot worship with an intimate kiss. They smile at each other, knowing that they have the whole weekend to play.

August 17, 2022


Comments (16)


Fucking wow man. Just wow. Thank you!


Fucking godessess. Could watch both of them all day. Hope they return for more GG or GGG action maybe xD.


A little past the 45 minute mark my husband asked me if I was ok from the other room because I might have been a little loud. Needless to say it ended up being a long night in our house and this video was on auto replay. 😆 Ps- I learned that I enjoyed a woman giving a dildo a footjob. HOOOTTTT!


Sublime, utterly sublime. You guys have stepped it up so much. The G/G content is absolutely immense now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please keep it coming 😁


octavia red and erin everheart very beautiful models i love their feet best lesbian scene it would be nice if you used these strapon scenes as a threesome thank you


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