Restrictive light bondage provides a certain kind of stimulation that can arouse any woman. Pairing such bondage with stockings and nipple clamps will surely give a more intimate feel to sexual activity. Sera Ryder is experiencing the increased arousal provided by the combination of the three fetishes/kinks. Sera lies on the couch with her body straight. She excitedly waits for her master to dominate her. Chloe wastes no time at all. She immediately teases the handcuffed girl, running her fingers all over her skinny body. The beautiful blonde domme massages Sera's legs before licking her sexy feet.  Sera can feel Chloe's warm breath and wet lips permeating through her sheer black stockings. The hottie continues with the foot worship while watching the reactions on Sera's face. After making sure that the naughty brunette is feeling wet and horny, Chloe goes straight to eating out her pussy. She rips a hole in Sera's stockings before giving her the pussy licking she deserves. Sera can't help but moan in delight as her domme's tongue brushes against her sensitive clit and pussy lips. Chloe continues eating out Sera's pussy like it is the tastiest treat she has ever tasted. She also tears a hole in Sera's stockings to gain better access to her sexy toes. The naughty submissive brunette returns the pleasure by giving Chloe's inserted dildo a wet and messy footjob. Without wasting any more time, Chloe fucks Sera in the missionary. Moans of pleasure fill the room as Sera rides Chloe hard until they both cum. The girls then continue worshiping each other's sexy feet, licking their soles and sucking their toes without hesitation. The only thing on the ladies' minds right now is the thought of pleasing each other to the highest level. They share a passionate kiss after their sensual lesbian experience. 

December 21, 2022


Comments (35)


Andrew, fantastic. scene! Thank you for the pantyhose! Wow!!!


Fantastic lesbian scenes! You need to wait 31 min for the hottest part, but it is worth :)


Hot Andrew! I have a serious Chloe temple foot fetish. 🙋🏼‍♀️ And I love the stockings, especially when they are torn off. My husband tears mine off all the time. So hot. I need a pt job just for stocking purchases. 😆 Merry Christmas! My hubby is getting a 👣job under the 🎄!!! 🤣

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Merry Christmas to you guys!😁🎄


WOW! Thank you Andrew. Chloe Temple is amazing. It would be awesome to see her and Vanessa Vega in a scene together!!!!


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