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My boyfriend's brother, Jay, broke up with his longtime girlfriend and has been staying with us until he finds a new place. One day I was heading out for lunch with my girls and as I walked toward the door, I saw him making breakfast in the kitchen. I walked there to ask if he is doing alright. He mentioned how appreciative he is that we let him stay with us. I said “Of course! Anytime.” He’s pretty handsome and for some reason that day I had the hots for him. So while putting on my nude-color open-toe-high-heels, I stretched my long sexy legs and flaunted my pretty pink polished toes as I slid my feet into my heels. I'm sure he was checking me out but I didn't even want to think about fucking my boyfriend’s brother. I feel like such a slut just thinking about it. Anyway, I was ready so it was time to say bye and head out. I was already driving when I realized I forgot my wallet in the house so I made U-turn and went back for it. When I stepped in, I pretty much walked in on Jay jerking off. He was so embarrassed and I didn't know how not to laugh since the situation was super awkward. But then I happened to see his phone’s screen and, to my surprise, I saw myself putting on my heels with some very zoomed-in shots of my feet. I realized he must have taken those pics while I was dressing up earlier. This is kinky I thought. “So do you like my feet?” I asked. He was hesitant but confessed that he’s very into my feet. He thinks they are super sexy; probably the hottest pair of feet he has ever seen. I was flattered. I sat down and asked him what he would do with my feet if I let him. He said he would like to show me. At that point, the horny little slut in me was telling me to just do it. And I listened to her. He started gently licking and sucking my cute toes. It felt amazing. He was licking and sucking in between my toes while massaging my soft soles. He took out his big hard cock and I shoved it down my throat to choke and gag on it; making it super juicy for a sloppy footjob. I massaged his cock with my soft soles and high arches. Then he slid his big hard cock into my juicy pussy and I can’t even count how many times I came when he pounded my slut-hole while licking and sucking on my sexy feet and toes. I bounced up and down, riding his cock like a good cowgirl with my soles up. At the end he shot his warm cum all over my sexy feet. As I watched his cum dripping off my toes, I thought cum on feet looks so hot. I need it more often. I guess I'll be a bit late for lunch but it was well worth it.

October 9, 2020


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