Having a good relationship with your partner's mommy is hard. Anna Claire Clouds is quite lucky that her boyfriend's mother is quite an approachable lady. Anna is walking by the bathroom when she sees Courtney Taylor changing. She may have watched the blonde MILF for too long because Courtney catches her taking a glimpse at her. The beautiful mature hottie invites her son's girlfriend into the room. Courtney's son is currently not at home, so she wants to spend some girl time with Anna. Anna is quite shy at first, but her lust for the beautiful MILF is stronger than her feelings of shame.  Courtney lets Anna admire her captivating body in black lingerie, nude stockings, and black high heels. She gives the young blonde a passionate kiss before smothering her face with her sexy feet. Anna can't help but let the lust she's feeling for her boyfriend's mom take over her body. She worships Courtney's feet with all her might, kissing the soles and licking the toes. Courtney and Anna go to the living room to continue the fun. After helping each other get naked, Anna and Courtney go straight into indulging their carnal desires. Anna gets down on Courtney, exploring every nook and crannies of her shaved pussy with her tongue.  The blonde MILF returns the pleasure by feasting on Anna's bald pussy. Courtney shoves her toes into Anna's pussy, feeling the warmth and tightness of her coochie with her feet. The beautiful blonde hotties continue worshiping each other's feet. Anna can't help but moan as Courtney slides her toes in and out of her pussy. The girls even use a Hitachi to elevate the fun. They keep admiring each other's feet and pussy. Anna and Courtney bend over opposite each other on the couch. They please each other's feet while fingering the other's pussy. The girls giggle with satisfaction as they enjoy the aftermath of their afternoon lesbian delight.

July 20, 2022


Comments (49)


Got to say it pains me to see Anna Claire Clouds (been waiting for a long time) only for it to be a lesbian scene. I get that people have different tastes, but I really waited long for her. Maybe next time!


This is the best, we need more girl-girl scenes with stockings/pantyhose!


Well that didn’t take long. 😂

Andrew Youngman Moderator



This scene is good but there was a guy in it, would've been amazing, such a shame. Too many lesbian scenes on this site, it has gotten out of control


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