Working in heels puts a lot of strain on women's feet. And so Lexi Luna invites her masseuse, Adria Rae, to come to her place for a much-needed massage session. They set things up in the garden as the blonde masseuse in a white backless jumpsuit greets her brunette client draped in just a white towel. Lexi requests that the other focus the massage on her tired feet. With her big tits, round ass, and sexy feet, it is natural that Adria will be attracted to her. The tattooed blonde with enhanced tits and a firm ass starts applying oil and massaging the busty brunette's feet. The session is going smoothly. Adria compliments Lexi's wrinkled soles for being soft while she rubs and kneads the heels, soles, and toes with blue nail polish. Lexi is enjoying the massage when she notices the younger gal intentionally rubbing her feet against her tits and crotch. To answer the blonde beauty's obvious question, she moves her foot that's in between the masseuse's legs, making Adria smile sweetly, knowing that her client understood her hints. The busty brunette faces the tattooed babe and plays with her enhanced tits with her sexy feet. Adria proceeds to give the stunning woman a sensual shrimping and sole licking until Lexi's feet are covered in her spit. Adria grinds her clit against the back of Lexi's feet before the two of them lie down and worship each other's feet. Lexi continues to shrimp her masseuse's toes with a French pedicure while Adria plays with the older babe’s clit using her big toe. Feeling pleased, Lexi reciprocates the action. After, the busty brunette thrusts her toe inside the blonde hottie’s shaved pussy while they suck and lick each other's toes and soles. Naughty Lexi moans as Adria licks her shaved pussy, and in exchange, she fingers the horny blonde while shrimping her toes. The brunette bombshell alternately worships and licks Adria's lovely feet and wet pussy. Satisfied with the session, they lick Lexi's pussy juices off Adria's soaking feet.

September 6, 2023


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This scene is sooo good, always great to see her on here plz keep booking her for more scenes !!!


Great lesbian scene ! I personally think we need a little more smelly feet themes imo but otherwise this site never fails to deliver incredible content.

Andrew Youngman Moderator



Adria Rae and lexi luna very sexy models adria rae is very nice you brought back lexi luna is already one of the best milf models models with very sexy feet I hope you will make a video of adria rae again threesome or boy girl scene thanks for the video @andrew youngman have a nice day


Phenomenal scene


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